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On this page: 1. Introduction 2. History, key people & who is responsible for the website 3. How are we different to other broadband comparison websites? 4. What do we specialise in & why should you use our site? 5. What experience do we have? 6. What awards do we have? 7. What services do we provide you? 8. What services don't we provide you? 9. Are we linked or affiliated with any broadband supplier? 10. Do we list all UK broadband suppliers on our site? 11. What order do we list packages on our broadband checker result pages? 12. How do we make money? 13. How can you contact us?

1. Introduction

Broadband Internet UK is a leading independent broadband information & comparison website. We have 20 years experience within the Internet & Telecommunications industry and have been awarded BBC Radio 2 Website Of The Day status.

We help people make informed decisions about which broadband provider is best for them by looking beyond what the broadband providers say themselves. We check important criteria like actual broadband speeds and customer service performance and give our honest thoughts on what we like and don't like.

2. History, Key People & Who Is Responsible For The Website

Steve Tattersall Broadband Internet UK was founded back in 2004 by broadband technology writer Steve Tattersall. Steve has worked within the Internet & Telecommunications industry for over 20 years and has first-hand, real life experience of working for a broadband provider during a previous career with NTL, now known as Virgin Media.

Fast forward to today and the Broadband Internet UK website has helped thousands of people across the UK with their Internet problems, issues and requirements.

The website itself is now owned and operated by Web Offer Marketing Ltd; an independent, privately owned, web publishing company based in Hampshire.

Steve Tattersall continues to play a significant role and is the Director of Marketing & Operations. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the website, together with its editorial content and marketing. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora here, where he gives his views on all things Broadband and answers questions.

You can also follow our updates on the UK's broadband speeds, prices and gigabit full fibre coverage on our social media channels; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit.

3. How Are We Different To Other Broadband Comparison Websites?

Like other websites, we work with the UK's broadband providers and their agencies to ensure our site provides up-to-date and accurate price information on the range of broadband packages, including digital TV and mobile SIM, that are available in the UK. For total clarity, all the costs we display include phone line rental (where offered) and any extras like connection fees and router delivery charges.

Where we are different lies in our broadband reviews which, importantly, look beyond price and beyond what the broadband providers say themselves about their products. We uncover the level of service customers can expect to receive from different broadband suppliers. We check the actual average 24-hour broadband speeds customers can expect to receive, what the latency (also known as ping or lag) may be, what customer satisfaction levels are like and how high or low those customer complaint levels are. We strive to bring our readers new insight and analysis that no one else has and tell you what we think, both the good and the bad. By doing all this, our users can uniquely increase their knowledge of each broadband supplier and thus make an informed decision that is right for them and not the broadband provider.

4. What Do We Specialise In & Why Should You Use Our Site?

Using our extensive experience, we specialise in writing detailed broadband help guides and in-depth reviews of broadband providers - giving our thoughts on what we like and don't like. We've also built postcode search & comparison tools that help people find a money-saving broadband deal with minimal effort.

5. What Experience Do We Have?

We have 20 years experience working within the broadband industry. Our founder, Steve Tattersall, has first hand experience of working for a broadband supplier having had a previous telecoms career at NTL - which is now known as Virgin Media, the UK's 3rd largest broadband provider. As we know the Broadband industry first hand, we think we're well qualified to offer you our expert advice & unbiased guidance to help you make the right choice.

6. What Awards Do We Have?

We are proud to have been recognised by the BBC and awarded 'BBC Website Of The Day' status by the BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright in the afternoon programme.

7. What Services Do We Provide You?

We compile speeds, download usage limits, contract lengths, costs per month and 1st year costs (including phone line rental & any extra charges) on all packages and bundles from providers like BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, Sky and Plusnet. Together with broadband enabled telephone exchange data, this helps us produce our postcode driven broadband availability checker. With this tool you can find all the broadband packages and bundles that are available where you live. You can sort these results by your own purchase criteria to find a package or bundle that best fits your requirements.

You can also use our detailed broadband provider reviews to select a supplier and find out what we like and dislike about them, including actual broadband speeds, customer service performance and customer complaint levels. There's also our latest broadband deals service where you can keep up to date on all the new offers.

If you're ordering Broadband for the first time, our beginner's guide to broadband provides a straight forward overview of what Broadband is, how it works and the different types available, including different speeds. We also list the top 5 things to consider when choosing a provider package.

If you already have Broadband and wish to change your supplier, our guide to switching broadband provider offers a simple 5 step approach to switching supplier which we've found to be successful.

All our self-help guides are written in non-technical language or jargon making it easier to understand so you get the most out of this site.

8. What Services Don't We Provide You?

We do not actually provide broadband, telephone, digital TV, or mobile connections ourselves. Should you have a problem with your package order or connection, we advise you to contact your service provider directly. You can find a list of broadband provider contact numbers on our contact us page.

9. Are We Linked Or Affiliated With Any Broadband Supplier?

No, we are 100% independent. Our editorial content and comparison services are designed, written and maintained by our expert, Steve Tattersall. Any 'Featured' deals on our website (which means they are either sponsored by a broadband provider or recommended by us) are clearly marked.

10. Do We List All UK Broadband Suppliers On Our Site?

We list all the major broadband providers in the UK, plus a range of smaller suppliers aswell. This means we cover around 95% of the market, which we're confident is enough for you to find a suitable money-saving broadband deal.

11. What Order Do We List Packages On Our Broadband Checker Result Pages?

Below any clearly marked 'Featured Deals' which are either chosen by us or sponsored by a broadband provider, we list packages by their 1st year cost, with the cheapest shown first. We believe this is the most suitable default setting as in most cases, cost is the over-riding purchase consideration. You can also sort the result pages by a range of other criteria including monthly cost, speed, contract length and download usage limits.

12. How Do We Make Money?

We specialise in offering you independent advice, reviews & tools that should help you choose the right service provider and package or bundle combination for you.

We are able to provide this impartial service to you for free because we receive a small affiliate commission from the internet service provider you sign up with - which means we are funded and supported by your actions. This only happens when you click links or buttons on this website which take you through to a broadband provider website - from which you place your order. Please note, you do not pay any extra for your chosen broadband package by signing up through this site.

This business practice is known as Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing and you can find out more about this on the UK's Internet Advertising Bureau website.

We also generate revenue from those service providers who wish to advertise on this site.

13. How Can You Contact Us?

You can contact us using the details below:

Broadband Internet UK
Web Offer Marketing Limited
Registered office address: Suite A, Enterprise House, Ocean Village, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3XB
Registered in England and Wales No.3912289
VAT No GB 750 4332 58
General email:
Customer Support email:
Press enquiries email:
Partnership enquiries email:
Career opportunities email:
Phone: 02380 083 121
Social media: Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit

Our office hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Thank you for using Broadband Internet UK.

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