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Best TalkTalk Deals For New Customers September 2018 – Unlimited Broadband From £17 A Month + No Set Up Fee

Best TalkTalk Deals For New Customers

New and existing customers still have time to take advantage of some impressive September 2018 TalkTalk deals that are available to order online at the website.

Offering the UK’s lowest fixed price broadband plans, new customers can secure TalkTalk’s Fast Broadband package for only £17 a month. Faster Fibre with speeds 4 times faster than Fast Broadband at an average of 36Mbps is available for just £22.50 a month.

Best TalkTalk Deals In September 2018 – Our Top Picks

We’ve picked out our top 4 September 2018 TalkTalk deals that are available to new customers switching to TalkTalk. Take a look below:

Pick 1. TalkTalk Fast Broadband – £17 A Month

Enjoy great value totally unlimited copper broadband with average 11Mbps download speeds for only £17 a month. This price stays the same for the duration of the 12 month contract, while line rental is included and no broadband setup fee applies. See This Deal >>

Pick 2. TalkTalk Fast Broadband & TV Plus With TV Select Boost – £24 A Month

The same Fast Broadband as detailed above, plus a flexible TalkTalk TV package with over 80 Freeview channels (15 in HD), pause, rewind & record live TV and Catch Up TV with On Demand Players like the BBC iPlayer. Enjoy 14 of the nation’s favourite TV channels like Sky 1 and Fox with the included TV Select boost. Add and remove channels like Sky Sports or Sky Cinema on a monthly basis. There’s also no broadband setup fee and a small £25 TalkTalk TV box cost. See This Deal >>

Pick 3. TalkTalk Faster Fibre – £22.50 A Month

Unlimited, uncapped and with average download speeds of 36Mbps, TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre package is available for the same monthly price of just £22.50 for the life of the 18 month contract. With phone line rental included and currently no setup fee, its no wonder this fixed price fibre package is proving so popular. See This Deal >>

Pick 4. TalkTalk Faster Fibre, TV Plus & TV Select Boost – £29.50 A Month

With average 36Mbps TalkTalk Faster Fibre speeds as mentioned above, this package also features TalkTalk TV Plus & the TV Select Boost which serves up 14 of the nation’s favourite TV channels including Sky 1 and Fox. There’s also over 80 Freeview channels to enjoy (15 in HD) with pause, record and rewind live TV functionality, plus the usual Catch Up TV Players. Premium TV channels like Sky Sports can be added and removed on a monthly basis, while the latest blockbuster films can be rented from the TalkTalk TV store. A one-off £25 is required for the TalkTalk TV Plus box. See This Deal >>

What Next?

Readers can find out more on the best TalkTalk deals in September 2018 and order online at the TalkTalk website. Orders can be placed online or over the phone on 0800 049 7865.

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