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Tiscali UK Add Broadband Music Download Service

TalkTalk owned Tiscali UK ( has launched a new DRM free broadband music download service in partnership with eMusic.
The new ‘Music For Life’ subscription service, available to all users of Tiscali’s UK portal for £9.99 a month, offers a staggering 6.5 million songs (MP3’s) for users to download.
The Senior Director of Online at TalkTalk, Neal McCleave said: “We are always looking at ways to enhance our portal and offer the best services to our six million users. The Music For Life Service will be a great boost to our entertainment content and offers a huge range of tracks at very competitive prices”.
To celebrate the launch of Tiscali’s ‘Music For Life’ service, new users can get 50 free songs when they sign up for a 14 day free trial. Users can also cancel their trial at anytime and keep their downloads.

The music downloads (MP3’s) are compatible with all portable multimedia players and can be burnt on to an unlimited number of CD’s.
It is hoped that Tiscali’s music service will persuade more people to take part in legal downloading of music as opposed to illegal means.
Users can sign up for Tiscali’s free music download trial and get 50 free songs at

Tiscali Cuts Broadband, TV & Phone Install Fee

Tiscali UK ( has cut the price of its installation fee for its broadband, TV and phone bundles.
Previously £90, the one-off installation cost has been reduced by £60 to just £30.
Tiscali offer two broadband, phone and TV packages.
Prices start from just £19.99 a month for broadband speeds up to 8Mbps, telephone line rental, weekend UK and International phone calls, plus Tiscali TV with over 70 channels including Sky 1.
Alternatively, customers can pay £24.99 per month and receive all the above plus get anytime UK and International phone calls.
A free set top box for Tiscali TV and a free wireless router for Tiscali wireless broadband are also included in the bundles.
Tiscali TV also includes on demand access to 1,500 films and over 350 TV programmes.
Readers can visit the website for further information or our Tiscali Broadband, TV & Phone review.

Tiscali Broadband In Lowest Ever Price At £6.49

Tiscali Broadband ( has unveiled its lowest ever price for broadband at just £6.49 a month.

The broadband provider, now owned by the Carphone Warehouse group, is offering up to 8Mbps unlimited broadband speeds with free modem and set up for £6.49 a month for the first 3 months, followed by £14.99 per month after. An 18 month contract applies.

Tiscali has also reduced the price of its broadband and phone call packages. From just £9.99 a month, new customers can get up to 8Mbps broadband, free weekend calls to UK and international destinations, plus free telephone line rental.

According to Tiscali, this new deal represents a saving of up to £283 compared to a similar broadband and phone call package from BT.

Customers requiring digital TV can choose from two Tiscali broadband, phone and TV packages that start from £19.99 a month. These include free telephone line rental, 70 digital TV channels (Tiscali TV’s Value Pack) and access to 1,500 movies on demand.

Readers can find out more information on the Tiscali Broadband, phone & TV packages here.

Those readers purely interested in the £6.49 broadband offer are advised to visit the website.

Tiscali’s Broadband TV Service To Get New EPG

Tiscali UK has announced the launch of a new electronic programming guide (EPG) for its Tiscali broadband TV service.

Launching on the 10th June, the new high definition EPG will help make browsing quicker and easier, whilst also enabling customers to view more programmes at once.

TV programmes will also be able to be found through simple searches by programme titles and even credits and synopses.

Commenting on the changes, Jonathan Sykes the Managing Director of Tiscali’s TV division, said, “With so much content now available, we wanted to make it easier and quicker for viewers to find the TV they want to watch but also give them options to get to that content in different ways to suit their needs and habits.”

Mr Sykes also went on to say, “We think that we have now given Tiscali TV the most elegant and usable TV EPG in the UK. That’s quite a feat when you consider that we need to help our viewers navigate quickly through over 110 channels, 19 radio stations, catch-up programs, 5,000 hours of on demand content, up to 1,000 movies and 8,000 music videos”.

Tiscali TV’s EPG changes are reported to be similar to the ones recently made by Sky to their EPG and are naturally designed to enhance the customer’s TV viewing experience.

Tiscali UK is currently in the process of being acquired by TalkTalk (the Carphone Warehouse) and will continue to offer and develop its broadband, telephony and TV services to both existing and new customers.

Further information on Tiscali’s broadband TV service can be found at the website, or our Tiscali Broadband review.

Auditor Refuses To Sign Off Tiscali Accounts

Continuing on its downward spiral, Tiscali has once again received a new blow to its business. Its auditor has refused to sign off its accounts as the current state of the business meant that the auditor couldn’t give an opinion on the 2008 full-year results.
The only hope that Tiscali has of staying afloat is if it manages to renegotiate its debts with its lenders.

The company was in negotiation talks with BSkyB, but they broke down in March after the company refused to sell for less than £600 million. Now Tiscali would be fortunate to get even half that amount if it is forced to sell in order to relieve its debts.
The company has contested the auditor’s decision and will propose a plan to limit the company’s losses during a meeting at the end of April. It is also claimed that its lenders have agreed in writing to extend a standstill agreement until late 2009.

Whilst giving a statement, a Tiscali spokesperson said, “The company, in disagreement with the conclusion drawn by the audit report, believes that it has co-operated at best and that it has provided all the information necessary to enable the independent auditors to issue an audit opinion on its 2008 financial statements.”

Tiscali’s UK customer base will no doubt be waiting eagerly to see exactly what happens at the meeting later this month. The company is certainly in trouble, but it seems to be doing its best to explore all possible future options.

No Email Over Easter For Tiscali Broadband Customers

To add to its current woes, its been reported today that many Tiscali Broadband customers had no access to email over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The incident is thought to have been caused by the company’s failure to renew the domain, a domain Tiscali acquired as part of its merger with World Online back in 2000.
A technical agent of Network Solutions (the company Tiscali used to purchase/renew the domain name through) told ISPreview, “Multiple expiration notices were sent to Tiscali by Network Solutions prior to, and after the domain name registration expired. When we did not receive Tiscali’s renewal fee by the expiration date, their domain name registration services were deactivated.”
Continuing the agent said, “However, rather than delete the domain name at that point, we sent additional renewal notices and provided a grace period of more than 30 days. Because we did not receive Tiscali’s renewal fees by the end of the grace period, the domain name services were terminated in accordance with our Service Agreement and the domain name was registered by another registrant.”
Tiscali have been surprisingly quiet over the incident, despite angry customers bombarding their technical support forum. However, they did give the following statement, “We are aware that there has been an issue with users accessing the email. We have identified this as an issue with our domain name partner and are pursuing this as a matter of urgency today.”
It certainly comes as another blow for the struggling company as it searches for a buyer.

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