Tiscali’s Broadband TV Service To Get New EPG

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Tiscali’s Broadband TV Service To Get New EPG

Tiscali UK has announced the launch of a new electronic programming guide (EPG) for its Tiscali broadband TV service.

Launching on the 10th June, the new high definition EPG will help make browsing quicker and easier, whilst also enabling customers to view more programmes at once.

TV programmes will also be able to be found through simple searches by programme titles and even credits and synopses.

Commenting on the changes, Jonathan Sykes the Managing Director of Tiscali’s TV division, said, “With so much content now available, we wanted to make it easier and quicker for viewers to find the TV they want to watch but also give them options to get to that content in different ways to suit their needs and habits.”

Mr Sykes also went on to say, “We think that we have now given Tiscali TV the most elegant and usable TV EPG in the UK. That’s quite a feat when you consider that we need to help our viewers navigate quickly through over 110 channels, 19 radio stations, catch-up programs, 5,000 hours of on demand content, up to 1,000 movies and 8,000 music videos”.

Tiscali TV’s EPG changes are reported to be similar to the ones recently made by Sky to their EPG and are naturally designed to enhance the customer’s TV viewing experience.

Tiscali UK is currently in the process of being acquired by TalkTalk (the Carphone Warehouse) and will continue to offer and develop its broadband, telephony and TV services to both existing and new customers.

Further information on Tiscali’s broadband TV service can be found at the tiscali.co.uk website, or our Tiscali Broadband review.

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