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The Vodafone Broadband Switch & Save SALE – Best Ever Prices On Fibre Broadband

Vodafone Switch & Save

In the Vodafone Broadband Switch & Save SALE, the company has slashed prices across its Fibre and Pro II Fibre broadband packages. 

Available to order at the website, prices now start from just £26 a month for the Fibre 2 package with average 67Mbps speeds – generating an average saving of £200. The package is available on a 24 month contract and comes with an ultra smart FREE Wi-Fi Hub router. There’s also no upfront fibre activation fee to pay.

Vodafone Switch & Save SALE: Fibre 2 Broadband For £26p/m

Here’s what’s on offer for just £26 a month in the Vodafone Broadband Switch & Save SALE:

1. Vodafone aim to give you the best possible fibre broadband speed on your line with average speeds of 67Mbps and a guaranteed minimum speed or you’ll get some money back. This is known as their Ultimate Broadband Guarantee

2. There’s no download limits to worry about

3. Receive a FREE ultra smart Wi-Fi Hub with Intelligent Wi-Fi for optimum Wi-Fi performance in and around the home

4. Keep safe online with 6 months FREE trial of F-Secure SAFE anti-virus software for up to 5 devices

5. No upfront setup or activation fees required in most cases. However, those customers switching to Vodafone Fibre who don’t currently have a BT Openreach phone line (for example, existing Virgin Media customers), may be charged a new line installation fee of £60

6. Simple switching process as Vodafone will contact your existing provider once you’ve ordered online. Existing Virgin Media customers will need to to cancel directly with Virgin Media themselves. Vodafone has a handy letter template to help with this

7. Ultra smart Vodafone Broadband app to check your speed

Legal Stuff To Consider

Vodafone fibre broadband and phone services are subject to a credit check, acceptance and availability in your area. A 24 month minimum term contract applies. Pricing may change during the contract period.

The £26 a month cost quoted for the Vodafone Fibre 2 package above applies to new customers and existing Vodafone mobile customers.

What Next?

Readers can find out more about the Vodafone Broadband Switch & Save sale and order online at the website.

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