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TalkTalk Fibre 35 Broadband & Phone Line Rental – £22p/m + No Setup Fee

TalkTalk Broadband Sale

The TalkTalk Fibre 35 Broadband package is now available with a guaranteed no price rise for the duration of the 18 month contract and also comes with no setup fee when ordered online at the website.

Pricing is fixed at £22 a month for 18 months for totally unlimited fast fibre broadband speeds averaging 36Mbps together with phone line rental. Should a better TalkTalk Broadband deal become available during the 18 month contract term, customers will have peace of mind knowing they can easily switch to it.

TalkTalk Fibre 35 Broadband

Here’s what’s on offer to both new and existing customers for just £22 a month:

  • Great value totally unlimited broadband with average 36Mb download speeds
  • The price is fixed for the duration of the 18 month contract period (no mid-contract price rises)
  • No download usage caps or broadband speed reductions to worry about
  • TalkTalk’s Super Router for a consistently strong & reliable connection
  • No Broadband setup fee, saving at least £25
  • Award-winning online protection for the whole home, known as HomeSafe
  • Inclusive privacy features, plus anti-virus protection for 1 device (easily upgrade to add other devices)
  • FREE home phone calls between TalkTalk customers
  • An 18 month contract period with phone line rental included

As there’s no home phone calling plan included within the TalkTalk Fibre 35 Broadband package, customers simply pay for what calls they make in accordance with TalkTalk’s standard call tariff.

Alternatively, customers can use their anytime call minutes allowance that comes with their mobile phone or take one of TalkTalk’s flexible UK landline & mobile calling plans. Flexible international call plans are also available.

Add & Remove A Range Of Extras

If you need faster fibre broadband speeds, or a TV package, consider upgrading to one or more of TalkTalk’s alternative packages below:

  • Choose the TalkTalk TV Plus with Fibre 35 Broadband package (at £39.50 a month) and create your own world of TV entertainment. There’s 80 Freeview channels to enjoy, another 30 pay TV favourites including Sky 1 & Fox, 7 day catch-up TV, pause, rewind & record live TV with the TalkTalk box, plus pay for extra premium channels like Sky Sports on a flexible one month contract. You can also buy or rent the latest movies on demand from the TalkTalk TV Store
  • Upgrade to TalkTalk Fibre 65 Broadband and enjoy average download speeds of 67Mbps with phone line rental included for an extra £2 a month. This price is fixed for the duration of the 18 month contract

What Next?

Readers can find out more on TalkTalk’s packages and order online at the website.

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