How To Switch Broadband Provider In 5 Easy Steps

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5 Easy Steps To Switch Broadband Provider

If your contract with your existing broadband supplier is coming to an end, or you've received 30 days notice of an impending price rise from your supplier, switching to a different provider represents a great opportunity to choose a better package that saves you money and also fulfils your requirements for speed and download usage limits.

Our guide to changing your broadband provider offers an easy 5-step approach to switching supplier.

Is It Easy To Change Broadband Provider?

Switching broadband provider is now an easier process following Ofcom's decision a few years ago to introduce a 'one-touch' process that places the responsibility for the broadband or landline switch entirely in the hands of the company to which the customer is moving to.

Known as the 'gaining provider led' switching process, it applies to those customers who's broadband provider uses the Openreach telecommunications network. The good news is that over 200 broadband suppliers currently use the Openreach network, including the likes of BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet, EE and many more.

The likes of Virgin Media, FibreNation, Hyperoptic, City Fibre, Community Fibre and Gigaclear are not on the above list as they have their own fibre networks. If you are switching to or from one of these, it will be up to you to co-ordinate the start time of your new broadband service with the end of your old one. In this instance, it may be wise to arrange a slight timing overlap. There is some good news regarding this, as Ofcom announced in December 2020 that it intends to introduce new rules to make it easier to switch between broadband networks such as these.

Here's Our 5-Step Approach To Switching Supplier:

This 5-step approach applies to those customers where their existing and new broadband supplier both use the Openreach network as described above.

Step 1 - Check Your Current Providers Terms and Conditions

Read through the cancellation policy and find out any cancellation charges that may apply. If you're still in a 12 or 18 month contract, you may find the cancellation charge outweighs the benefit of switching supplier.

Step 2 - Find A New Broadband Deal

Use our BBC recognised broadband search & comparison tools to find a provider and package that best suits your needs

Step 3 - Order Online

Choose the deal you want on our website & and then click through to the provider's website to place your order online

Step 4 - Your Broadband Service Should Be Transferred In Two Weeks

Upon ordering online, you'll receive an order confirmation email with the estimated date for the transfer of service to your new supplier. Then, upon delivery, simply plug in the new wireless router supplied by your new provider and follow the set up instructions in their 'Welcome Pack'.

Step 5 - Check Your Account With Your Previous Provider Has Been Cancelled

Once your connected with your new provider, make sure the account with your old supplier has been cancelled so no further monthly payments are taken. It may also be worth cancelling any old direct debits or standing orders.

Please note that it can take up to 10 days for your new provider to find the most stable broadband speeds for your line. Therefore, you may find your connection unsettled during this initial period of time.

What Next?

Start looking for a new broadband deal with our broadband search & comparison tools.

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