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T-Mobile Offers Non Expiry Pay As You Go Broadband

T-Mobile look to set to offer a non expiry pay as you go broadband service known as pay per use mobile broadband later this year.

Just like pay as you go texting and calling, non expiry pay per use mobile broadband enables users to literally pay for what they use at any time – and without a monthly expiry date to use the data allowance by.

Richard Warmsley, the Head of Mobile Internet and Entertainment at T-Mobile, said, “This year we will shift into pay-per day/week/month options for new customers. This will give the mass market a chance to try mobile broadband. They can purchase their dongle and pay for usage as and when they need it. 1-2Mbps is typical on our network, 2-3Mbps is achievable, and you can get 4.5Mb in bigger cities, depending on the circumstances.”

Vodafone is currently the only mobile broadband supplier offering non expiry pay per use mobile broadband with its Top Up & Go service. Users simply pay a one off £39 for the Vodafone USB stick which comes pre-loaded with 1Gb of data. Top ups can then be purchased at £15 per 1Gb with no time restriction on when the 1Gb data allowance needs to be used by.

As well as looking into different types of pay as you go mobile broadband packages, T-Mobile is also looking at different data bundles that could be introduced with charges based on minutes rather than usage being considered.

To view T-Mobile’s current range of mobile broadband packages, please go to the website.

Alternatively, read our full review of T-Mobile Broadband packages here.

T-Mobile Is UK’s Best Mobile Broadband Provider

A new independent survey conducted by YouGov (known as the YouGov Dongle Tracker), has uncovered T-Mobile as the UK’s best mobile broadband provider.

1,958 people who use a dongle were surveyed in the UK and each had 13 different sections to rate their mobile internet providers. T-Mobile came first in 9 out of the 13 categories.

The survey is one in a series that has questioned consumers about their mobile broadband provider – with reliability, speed, value for money, network coverage and connectivity all taken into account.

In a statement, the Head of Internet and Entertainment for T-Mobile, Richard Warmsley, said:

“The results of this latest YouGov mobile broadband survey indicate that we’re offering our internet customers the right mix of consistent performance and service, at a fair price. We are particularly pleased about our top rating for value for money. In today’s economic climate, we recognise value is a key factor for people looking for a flexible broadband solution. Our customers can stay connected wherever they need to, with the added peace of mind of no sneaky extra charges if they exceed their internet fair use policy.”

T-Mobile works hard to give its customers the best mobile broadband service. They arrange quarterly tests carried out by P3 Solutions, an independent test house.

In the last quarter of 2008, P3 Solutions found that T-Mobile were 35% faster than their closest competitor. They were also the first company to offer faster uploading speeds with HSUPA technology.

The survey conducted by YouGov is the biggest independent survey carried out on mobile broadband users in the UK.

Readers can go direct to the website for more information or visit our T-Mobile Broadband review page.

Mobile Broadband & G1 Android Saves T-Mobile Profits

T-Mobile UK must be breathing a huge sigh of relief after results presented on Friday showed a boost in profits thanks largely to sales of mobile broadband connections and the G1 Android handset.

There had been a 5.2% drop in their pre-pay customer base during 2008. However, their contract customer base increased by 4.5%, driven by a 250% increase in mobile broadband device sales like USB dongle sticks and the G1 Android handset.

The Chief Executive of T-Mobile, Jim Hyde, said, “The successful launch of the Android-based G1 in October and the ongoing demand for mobile broadband services had a positive impact on the latter half of 2008.”

Mr Hyde’s statement shows that whilst many industry sectors are seeing a decrease in sales due to the recession, mobile broadband isn’t one of them.

Exclusive to T-Mobile, the G1 Android handset also has the added advantage of being the only mobile phone in the UK to currently use the Google Android software stack – though there will be a second Android phone known as Magic, released on the Vodafone network sometime in the Spring.
Mobile broadband sales are expected to get a further boost with the government eager to use mobile broadband to help reach its target of getting broadband access into every UK home by 2012.

Currently there isn’t enough broadband coverage provided by fixed line services, especially in rural areas. Using mobile broadband is just one way in which Lord Carter’s Digital Britain target can be reached.

One thing is for sure – mobile broadband is definitely here to stay and their sales are proving to be a lifeline for UK telecommunication companies.

Free Asus Eee 904HD Netbook With T-Mobile Broadband

T-Mobile are now offering a free Asus Eee 904HD netbook laptop worth £299 with T-Mobile Broadband.

The package, which costs just £25 a month, includes T-Mobile Broadband speeds up to 4.5Mb, a free USB modem stick and the free Asus netbook laptop.

T-Mobile Broadband With Free Asus Eee 904HD Netbook

The compact Asus Eee 904HD netbook has an 8.9″ screen, an 80Gb hard drive, 1Gb of RAM and built in webcam. Windows XP Home and Microsoft Works are also installed.

This is an impressive specification and with the larger hard drive compared to similar offerings currently in the market, it’s sure to be a fast seller.

The mobile broadband comes with a 3Gb monthly download allowance. This is subject to a fair use amount policy which means you won’t be charged for accidentally going over your monthly allowance.
There’s also access to over 1,000 Wi-Fi hotspots should you need it.
New customers interested in this package can find out more in our T-Mobile Broadband Free Netbook review.

T-Mobile Rated Best Mobile Broadband Network

T-Mobile has been rated the best mobile broadband network in the UK following independent tests carried out by P3 Solutions, a leading UK test house.

The tests, carried out over the last quarter, measured customer experiences of various mobile broadband networks during peak usage hours across 16 cities throughout the UK.

When measured against its network competitors, T-Mobile was found to be the fastest for internet upload (HSUPA) and download (HSDPA) speeds – plus fastest for web browsing and sending & receiving emails.

Using the T-Mobile mobile broadband network to access the BBC homepage was found to be up to 25% faster than its nearest competitor, while uploading photos and videos to the likes of Facebook and YouTube was 60% faster.

Such positive results for T-Mobile follow the company’s ongoing programme of technology upgrades to its 3G network. This has involved rolling out HSUPA across the UK resulting in a fivefold increase in upload speeds.

The company has also upgraded its HSDPA-enabled 3G network creating mobile broadband download speeds up to 4.5Mbps both within the M25 and other major cities throughout the UK.

T-Mobile has a 22% share of UK mobile broadband market and experienced a 35% increase in mobile broadband sales between Q2 and Q3.

You can find out more on the range of T-Mobile broadband packages available by reading our T-Mobile Broadband review here.

£2 Per Day Mobile Broadband From T-Mobile

T-Mobile has today launched a range of new pay per day mobile broadband packages starting from just £2 per day.

Offering mobile broadband download speeds up to 4.5Mb, the packages are £2 for 1 days access, £10 for 7 days or £20 for 30 days.

These day, week and month pay as you go access packages are available without a long-term contract commitment – customers just need to give 30 days notice to cancel.

To use T-Mobile’s pay per day mobile broadband service, you’ll need to buy their mobile broadband USB Stick 110 for £49.99 and plug it into your laptop.

Using your laptop you can then easily top up your mobile broadband pay as you go credit at any time.

Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet and Entertainment at T-Mobile UK, said: “We’ve seen massive demand for mobile broadband from a range of people, so we’re creating ways for customers to only pay for days they actually need”.

Richard continues, “We have removed all complexity from the mobile broadband story, giving customers the confidence to simply pick it up off the shelf and start using it. Mobile broadband has hit the mainstream and we have made it simple for anyone to buy, use and understand.”

To compare these pay per pay packages with others from 3, Vodafone and O2, please use our mobile broadband pay as you go comparison.

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