T-Mobile Wireless Pointer Broadband Device Launched

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T-Mobile Wireless Pointer Broadband Device Launched

T-Mobile UK (www.t-mobile.co.uk/wirelesspointer) has launched the T-Mobile Wireless Pointer, a small portable Wi-Fi device which connects to the T-Mobile 3G network and lets multiple users access mobile broadband download speeds up to 7.2Mbps.
The device, which can easily be carried in a pocket or bag for instant Wi-Fi internet access, features a mobile broadband signal indicator which helps users find the best location for picking up a strong T-Mobile signal.
With no installation software needed and nothing to plug into a laptop, users of the T-Mobile Wireless Pointer can quickly connect their Wi-Fi gadgets like laptops, tablet PC’s (e.g Apple iPad) and music players (e.g iPod Touch) to the Internet without any wires or hassle.
Users can also swap files between PCs, Macs and phones by slipping a microSD card into the slot of the Wireless Pointer and saving their files.
The Wi-Fi device is available for free with T-Mobile’s £15 a month mobile broadband plan (24 month contract applies) which offers speeds up to 7.2Mpbs and a 2GB download allowance.
Users not wanting a contract can opt for T-Mobile’s pay-per-day mobile broadband plan which costs £2 a day and a one-off £59.99 for the T-Mobile Wireless Pointer.

Users who order the pay-per-day plan before Januray 31st will also qualify for 30 days free Internet browsing when they buy their first £2 per day.
Interested readers can find out more about the T-Mobile Wireless Pointer at the www.t-mobile.co.uk website.

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