Apple iPad Deals From £199 At

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Apple iPad Deals From £199 At

T-Mobile ( has the 16GB Apple iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G mobile broadband available for a one-off £199.
New and existing T-Mobile customers wishing to take advantage of this discounted iPad deal will need to take a T-Mobile data plan costing from £25 a month.
The T-Mobile data plan enables users to connect their iPad to the T-Mobile Broadband 3G network which covers around 98% of the UK population and offers download speeds of up to 4.5Mbps.
The data plan has a 1GB monthly usage allowance which can be used at anytime, plus a 1GB quiet time allowance to use between midnight and 10am.
These monthly allowances should be enough to send around 500,000 emails without attachments, make 5,000 visits to sites like Twitter and make 1,500 visits to rich content sites like the

Unlike other providers, T-Mobile does not charge customers any extra for going over their monthly allowance. Instead, they may restrict how a customer can use the internet, depending on how often they go over their allowance and by how much.
T-Mobile was recently awarded ‘Best Mobile Broadband 2010’ from What Mobile and offers free delivery on all orders made by new customers.
Readers wanting to buy an iPad from T-Mobile for Christmas have only today left to place their online order and thus ensure delivery before Christmas.

Interested readers can find out further information and buy their iPad online at the website.

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