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T-Mobile Broadband Pay As You Go Dongle Now £8.99

T-Mobile UK ( has reduced the price of its pay as you go mobile broadband dongle to just a one-off £8.99.
New customers ordering the T-Mobile PAYG dongle online with a £10 top up can also get 30 days free mobile broadband access when they buy their first day’s usage for £2.

A fair usage policy of 2GB applies for the 30 days, with no additional charges or run on rates applying for going over the 2GB cap, although T-Mobile may restrict a customer’s use.
When the 30 days end, customers can simply top up again and pay for the days they need – either £2 per day for 0.5GB of data usage, £7 per week for 1GB or £15 for a month for 2GB.
T-Mobile Broadband provides download speeds up to 4.5Mbps and was recently voted ‘Best Mobile Broadband’ by What Mobile.
Interested readers can find out more at the website.

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