T-Mobile Is UK’s Best Mobile Broadband Provider

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T-Mobile Is UK’s Best Mobile Broadband Provider

A new independent survey conducted by YouGov (known as the YouGov Dongle Tracker), has uncovered T-Mobile as the UK’s best mobile broadband provider.

1,958 people who use a dongle were surveyed in the UK and each had 13 different sections to rate their mobile internet providers. T-Mobile came first in 9 out of the 13 categories.

The survey is one in a series that has questioned consumers about their mobile broadband provider – with reliability, speed, value for money, network coverage and connectivity all taken into account.

In a statement, the Head of Internet and Entertainment for T-Mobile, Richard Warmsley, said:

“The results of this latest YouGov mobile broadband survey indicate that we’re offering our internet customers the right mix of consistent performance and service, at a fair price. We are particularly pleased about our top rating for value for money. In today’s economic climate, we recognise value is a key factor for people looking for a flexible broadband solution. Our customers can stay connected wherever they need to, with the added peace of mind of no sneaky extra charges if they exceed their internet fair use policy.”

T-Mobile works hard to give its customers the best mobile broadband service. They arrange quarterly tests carried out by P3 Solutions, an independent test house.

In the last quarter of 2008, P3 Solutions found that T-Mobile were 35% faster than their closest competitor. They were also the first company to offer faster uploading speeds with HSUPA technology.

The survey conducted by YouGov is the biggest independent survey carried out on mobile broadband users in the UK.

Readers can go direct to the t-mobile.co.uk website for more information or visit our T-Mobile Broadband review page.

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