Brits Want Laptop Mobile Broadband On The Beach

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Brits Want Laptop Mobile Broadband On The Beach

A mobile broadband craze is sweeping the country this summer as internet addicted Brits demand constant access to the high-speed internet using their laptops.

Recent research by T-Mobile Broadband has found that broadband through laptops is now such an important part of everyday life that Brits want to be able to take it with them absolutely everywhere this summer – even to the beach!

Mobile Broadband Is The New Beach Must-Have
Just under half of us (44%) think we should have access to the internet anywhere in the UK, but many are still stuck with the constraints of a fixed line connection. The beach may be an unusual place to want access to the internet, but one fifth of those questioned most want mobile broadband here.

Surf & Sup In Pub Gardens Also In Demand
Brits also stated other prime summer locations such as the pub, park and garden as their most desired places to get online. A fresh-air loving 44% of us want to log on whilst relaxing in the back garden, 32% want to be able to dial-up whilst on holiday and 8% want to surf and sup in pub gardens.

Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet and Entertainment services at T-Mobile said: “Mobile broadband has reached a tipping point and is now hitting the mainstream. Last year our research showed that only 3% of office workers wanted to work from the beach: one year on, the latest figures show that a staggering 44% of us now want to use the internet on the go, and an incredible 21% would like to use it at the beach.”

Huge Shift In Mobile Broadband Consumer Opinion
The research signals a huge shift in consumer opinion around broadband services. Consumers are used to taking their laptops out and about with them and they now expect to be connected to the Internet – whether that’s in the garden, at the office or in the park.

Take a look at our T-Mobile Broadband review for further information on the packages they offer.

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