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Free Netbook Laptops With Built In Mobile Broadband

Free netbook laptops (mini laptops) with built in mobile broadband from the likes of Vodafone and Orange are proving popular packages as the credit crunch bites and recession looms.

Priced at just £25 a month and with no upfront payments required, these packages provide a low cost way to get online and are perfect for mobile use both in and outside of the home.

Vodafone’s package includes the free Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook laptop which weighs less than 1kg and includes access to broadband speeds up to 7.2Mb, coupled with a 1Gb monthly data allowance. The laptop has Windows XP and Microsoft Works installed, plus 1Gb of RAM and an expandable 16Gb hard drive.

The free Asus Eee PC 901 Netbook laptop package from Orange has just launched, offering built in mobile broadband speeds up to 1.8Mb with a 3Gb usage cap. Worth £349, it has a 16Gb hard drive and comes with Windows XP installed, plus a 2 year warranty.

Both netbooks are small, compact and have up to 8 hours of battery life – making them the ideal travelling companion for outdoor activities.

Find out more about these popular packages in our broadband free laptop review here.

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