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TalkTalk Broadband 12 Months FREE Ends Tuesday

TalkTalk’s ( one week only offer of 12 months free TalkTalk Broadband and phone is set to end at midnight on Tuesday 8th June, leaving new customers with just 3 days to order one of this year’s hottest broadband deals.
The offer, which provides free broadband speeds up to 24Mbps plus free evening and weekend phone calls to UK landlines, means customers switching to TalkTalk need only pay telephone line rental of £11.49 a month for the first year – And then only an additional £6.99 a month thereafter.

TalkTalk’s next generation broadband network covers over 80% of the UK population and with no MAC code required to switch to TalkTalk, new customers are advised to put some time aside this weekend or early next week to place their order.
Orders can be placed online at the website or by phoning TalkTalk on 0800 049 7865.
The 12 months free TalkTalk Broadband and Phone Essentials offer can save BT and Virgin Media customers who switch to TalkTalk £198 and £238 respectively according to the TalkTalk website.

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