TalkTalk Broadband Promotes £6.99 Essentials Plan

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TalkTalk Broadband Promotes £6.99 Essentials Plan

TalkTalk ( has continued its promotion of its popular broadband and phone Essentials plan following a series of advertisements in the national media.
The TalkTalk Essentials plan costs just £6.99 a month for which new customers can receive broadband speeds up to 24Mbps together with unlimited phone calls to UK landlines during the evening and at weekends. Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are also included.

The TalkTalk Broadband service has a generous 40GB monthly download usage allowance and a free wireless ‘G’ router which enables customers to use their broadband in any room in the house.
Free technical and customer support is available from a customer’s TalkTalk phone line, while a 30 day trial period is also offered.
In addition to unlimited offpeak phone calls to UK landlines, the phone element of the TalkTalk Essentials package includes free voicemail and a free calling circle where customers can choose from 16 mobile and international numbers and get a discount of 10% on those calls.

Free privacy features are also offered while customers can opt to pay for additional ‘Boosts’ like anytime phone calls for £4 a month.

TalkTalk currently has a free connection offer available for new customers ordering its Essentials plan online at the website. A saving of £29.99 can be made.
Customers considering switching to TalkTalk can also phone them for advice and guidance on 0800 049 7865.

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