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Free Web ‘n’ Walk USB Modem From T-Mobile

Here’s a great deal for everyday internet users who need broadband access on the move on their laptop. T-Mobile are offering a free web ‘n’ walk USB modem for your laptop when you sign up online to any T-Mobile broadband price plan.

T-Mobile BroadbandT-Mobile Web n Walk USB modem

The web ‘n’ walk USB modem (pictured above) takes just a few minutes to install. You simply plug it into your laptop’s USB socket and the software you need will be installed automatically. You can then connect to the internet in seconds and work and play at broadband speeds up to 1.8Mbps.

T-Mobile broadband price plans start from just £20 a month with monthly download limits ranging from 3Gb to 10Gb.

You can read more on this T-Mobile Broadband free USB modem deal here.

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