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O2 Dongle Half Price Offer Is Extended

O2 ( has extended its half price dongle offer until the 31st March 2010.
O2’s current pre-pay mobile broadband dongle is the USB Modem E160 model that is available in either a pink or black colour for just £10.
The dongle is PC and Mac compatible and comes with a 30 day happiness guarantee.
Once connected to a computer or laptop, the O2 dongle connects to O2’s 3G network which provides mobile broadband speeds up to 3.6Mbps – perfect for fast internet access on the move.

The dongle is not pre-loaded with any data usage allowance, so users will need to buy what they need from O2. This can be brought for daily, weekly or monthly use with prices ranging from £2 a day for 500MB’s of data usage to £15 a month for 3GB’s.
Data can be brought online from O2 or via text, just like topping up the credit on your mobile phone.
The O2 dongle can also be used to access the internet for free in over 7,500 Wi-Fi hotpsots across the UK. These include the many hotels, cafes and airports where BT Openzone and The Cloud operate their Wi-Fi networks.
Interested readers can find out more at the website or at our O2 Dongle review page.

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