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O2 Mobile Broadband Offers Half Price Dongle

O2 ( has announced a half price offer on its pre-pay mobile broadband dongles.
Customers can now order either a white, black or pink pre-pay dongle for a one-off £10 and then top up as and when they need to with the mobile broadband data usage they require.
Users can pay £2 per day for 500MB’s of data usage, £7.50 per week for 1GB or £15 per month for 3GB. No contract is required.
Unlimited access to 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country with The Cloud and BT Openzone is also included.
Last month O2’s mobile broadband network was ranked number one for mobile broadband speeds in an independent speed test conducted by Siroda.
New customers have until the 11th March 2010 to order the half price O2 dongle.
Readers can find out more about the offer at the website or our O2 Mobile Broadband review service.

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