Virgin Media Offers Mobile Broadband For ‘Holidays’

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Virgin Media Offers Mobile Broadband For ‘Holidays’

Virgin Media ( has launched a range of new mobile broadband ‘Travel Passes’ for holiday-makers which aim to remove the worry of unexpected bills when surfing the internet whilst abroad.
There are four different Virgin mobile broadband EU Travel Passes to choose from.
Users can opt to pay £10 for one days data access up to 10MB, £15 for 3 days access using up to 15MB, £30 for 7 days access using up to 30MB and £60 for a 30 day pass providing up to 60MB’s of data usage.
Commenting on the launch, Virgin Media’ Director of Mobile, Jonathan Kini said: “Virgin Media customers never have to worry about accessing the internet while they’re abroad”.
Kini continued: “Whether it’s searching for the best pizzeria in Rome on your mobile or uploading photos onto Facebook with a laptop and mobile broadband, customers now have control over what they spend on holiday”.
The ‘EU Travel Passes’ become effective from the purchase time and expire after the amount of time purchased.
They are available to existing Virgin Media customers together with new customers who sign up to one of the company’s mobile broadband packages.
Virgin mobile broadband prices start from £10 a month for download speeds up to 7.2Mbps together with a 1GB usage allowance. An 18 month contract applies.
Readers can find out more at the website or our Virgin Mobile Broadband review.

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