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TalkTalk Plan To Spruce Up Broadband Routers

TalkTalk ( has teamed up with students at Goldsmith’s University of London to design a brand new range of broadband routers.

The aim is to create a new design that will push the TalkTalk Broadband router to the forefront of the home instead of being hidden away out of sight.

The new designs have been created with signal strength, enjoyment, energy efficiency and home style in mind.

There have been a few pretty crazy designs created including a jellyfish shaped broadband router. It has fluorescent characteristics just like the real thing while connecting several broadband users through a central hub.

When talking about the design, the Goldsmiths team said, “This is our craziest design and we were given full creative license. We wanted to place the router at the centre of the community, at the heart of the house”.

Some of the other designs included a 24 hour “Route O’clock” which shows the signal strength on a visual display 24 hours a day.

When talking about teaming up with Goldsmith’s, Talk Talk’s Communications Director Mark Schmid said, “Working with the design boffins at Goldsmith’s, we wanted to transform the humble router into something that people would want to shout about.”

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