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Talk Talk Broadband £50 Off For Tiscali Switchers

TalkTalk are now offering Tiscali customers £50 off the TalkTalk Broadband and Phone Essentials package when they switch to TalkTalk at the website.

This exclusive online offer means Tiscali customers can get TalkTalk’s Broadband and Phone Essentials package free for the first 3 months – it usally costs £6.49 a month. They will also not have to pay TalkTalk’s £29.99 connection fee.

The Essentials package provides broadband speeds up to 8Mb, a 40Gb download allowance, a free wireless router and free technical support from a TalkTalk phone line.

There’s also unlimited phone calls to UK landlines evenings and weekends, free calls to other TalkTalk customers and free local daytime calls from the 1st May.

This offer is available on an 18 month contract, with switching Tiscali customers only needing to pay just £11.25 per month for TalkTalk phone line rental for the first 3 months, followed by £17.74 a month thereafter. (£11.25 + £6.49)

TalkTalk’s offer arrives following on-going concern over the future of Tiscali, though Tiscali itself has consistently assured customers that there will be no disruption to its services.

Interested Tiscali customers can go to the website for further information.

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