O2 iPhone Users To Get Free Wi-Fi At Starbucks

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O2 iPhone Users To Get Free Wi-Fi At Starbucks

Mobile operator O2 has today announced that all iPhone users on the O2 network will soon get free Wi-Fi access in UK Starbucks stores. The coffee shop is set to offer Wi-Fi access at all of its 678 UK stores following an agreement with BT Openzone.

O2 mobile broadband consumers who have Wi-Fi access included in their contract will also be able to benefit from free Wi-Fi access in Starbucks from this summer.

BT Openzone Wi-Fi is being rolled out in Starbucks stores from April and provides a faster connection than 3G mobile broadband, whilst also taking up less battery power too.
The CEO of BT Openzone, Chris Bruce, explains, “Starbucks is the perfect place to work or catch up over email. Use of our Wi-Fi doubled last year and coffee shops are increasingly popular as a third place to work or log on to the internet. We’re constantly looking to boost the choice of places where people want to connect. The location of Starbuck’s stores in the high street and travel hubs is helping to extend our reach to many Wi-Fi customers.”

The current cost of Wi-Fi set by BT Openzone is 15p per minute +VAT. However, there are bundled deals availabe which provide savings if you use Wi-Fi services frequently.

The 4.6 million BT Broadband customers who have free monthly Wi-Fi minutes in their broadband contracts will also have free access at Starbucks.

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