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Virgin Media 100Mb Broadband Rollout Update

Virgin Media’s ( rollout of its ultra-fast 100Mb broadband service has now reached 10 million UK homes according to a latest update from the company.
The milestone follows news that its 100Mb fibre optic broadband service has been made available in the cabled areas of Bromley, Dundee, Norton Hawkfield (North East Somerset) and Staverton (Gloucestershire).
Originally scheduled for completion by mid-2012, the rollout of the 100Mb broadband service is now expected to be completed ahead of schedule in Spring 2012, at which point the ultrafast service will be available to half of all UK homes.
Virgin Media’s Executive Director of Broadband, Jon James said: “Soon half the country will be able to get superfast 100Mb broadband from us. Reaching today’s milestone puts us ahead of schedule as we help propel the UK up the global broadband rankings”.
James continued: “Broadband is coming of age as more people give up on slow DSL in favour of superfast fibre optic speeds. With Virgin Media yet again confirmed as the fastest by Ofcom just last week, this along with our fantastic TiVo TV service means we have an incredible combination that lets our customers enjoy the digitally connected world to the full”.
Virgin Media’s 100Mbps broadband package costs from £35 a month when taken with its telephone line rental costing £13.90 a month
Unlimited calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobiles at the weekends are included in the price, while free installation worth £49.95 is being offered for all orders placed online.

Customers ordering 100Mb broadband now will also see their speeds boosted to 120Mb as part of Virgin Media’s network upgrade starting later this month.
Interested readers can find out if they can receive Virgin’s 100Mbps broadband service and order online at the website. With Usain Bolt

Virgin Media ( has enlisted the help of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, to promote its £110m move to double the broadband speeds of its 4 million fibre optic broadband customers.
New customers can also get a piece of the action too by ordering a Virgin Media fibre optic broadband package online now at the website (prices start from £4 a month), after which they can look forward to a free, double the speed upgrade, which rolls out from February 2012.
The new Virgin Media ‘Keep Up’ TV adverts feature Usain Bolt attempting to impersonate Virgin Media owner, Richard Branson, by taking over his office and wearing his trademark blonde goatee.
The 18 month programme to double broadband speeds will see the circa 3 million customers paying for Virgin’s 10Mbps broadband service get a free speed boost to up to 20Mbps.
Around 840,000 customers on Virgin’s 20Mbps and 30Mbps broadband services will see their speeds increase for free to up to 60Mbps, while the 200,000 subscribers on Virgin’s 50Mbps and 100Mbps packages should see speeds increase to up to 120Mbps.

Interested readers can find out further information on Virgin Media’s free double broadband speed upgrade at the website. Both new and existing customers can also find out when their broadband speed will be doubled.

Virgin Media Winter Savings – 3 Months Free Bundles

Virgin Media ( is offering new customers some excellent winter savings with 3 months free now available on selected TV, broadband & phone bundles.
New customers switching to a Virgin Media bundle by ordering online at the website can also qualify for free TiVo 500GB box activation worth £49.95, plus free installation worth £49.95.
The Virgin Media bundles with the 3 months free incentive include the company’s popular entry level bundle which offers 10Mbps broadband speeds, over 75 digital TV channels and unlimited weekend phone calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobiles.
Usually £20 a month, this bundle also includes Catch Up TV with the BBC iPlayer and 4oD on your TV, 6 HD channels for no extra monthly fee, plus Virgin Media’s new Super Hub which offers great wireless broadband performance around the home.
New customers can also build their own bundle, choosing from premium TV channels like Sky Sports 1-4, Sky Sports HD1 & 2, Sky Sports News and Sky Movies.
They can also upgrade their broadband package from 10Mbps speeds to 30Mbps or even 50Mbps, while unlimited evening and daytime phone calls can also be added if required.

Interested readers can find out more and order their 3 months free Virgin Media bundle online at the website. A MAC code is not required when completing the order.

Virgin Media 100Mb Rollout Hits 20 Million Milestone

Virgin Media’s ( 100Mb rollout has reached a new milestone with 20 million people in the UK now able to get the super-fast 100Mbps broadband speeds.
This equates to a third of the UK and comes only 12 months after the company commenced its 100Mbps rollout across its fibre optic broadband network.
The news comes following the announcement that homes in Harborne in Birmingham, Lincoln, Seven Kings in Greater London and Solihull can now sign up to the ultrafast broadband speeds.
Prices for Virgin Media’s 100Mbps broadband package start from £25 a month and include unlimited weekend phone calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobiles when taken with Virgin Media phone line rental (£13.90 a month).
Orders placed online at the website can also qualify for £30 off and free installation worth £49.95.
6 months free Spotify Premium is also included which gives users access to over 15 million music tracks (the usual cost for Spotify Premium is £9.99 a month).

Commenting on the 20 million milestone, Virgin Media’s Executive Director of Broadband, Jon James said: “We’re very proud to reach another significant milestone in our broadband history as we play a leading part in the development of the UK’s next generation infrastructure”.
James continued: “Providing speeds of 100Mb to a third of the UK today, and to a further four million homes by the middle of next year, assures Virgin Media’s lead in the British broadband revolution”.
Virgin Media plans to complete the 100Mb rollout across its entire fibre optic broadband network (half of the UK) by the summer of next year.

Interested readers can check whether they can get Virgin Media’s 100Mbps broadband speeds or find out when it will be available in their area by visiting the website.

Virgin Media Bundles Offer Savings Of £159.90

Virgin Media ( is offering savings of up to £159.90 to new customers ordering a Virgin broadband, TV and phone bundle online.
The savings come in the form of free installation worth £49.95, free TiVo activation worth £49.95, plus an additional £60 off – which will be a £60 credit applied to the customer’s bill.
Virgin Media Broadband, TV and phone bundles start from £23 a month for up to 10Mbps unlimited broadband speeds, the new TiVo 500GB set top box, 75 digital TV channels and unlimited weekend phone calls to UK landlines.
New customers requiring faster broadband speeds up to 30Mbps can opt for the £28 a month bundle which includes the same TV and phone package elements as the £23 bundle, but with higher broadband speeds at 30Mbps.
Six months free access to Spotify Premium, the digital music service offering 15 million music tracks, is also included in Virgin’s 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps broadband packages.
New customers can build their own broadband, TV and phone bundle online at the website and choose additional features like HD, 3D, plus Sky Sports and Movie channels.

Interested readers have until the 24th November to order their Virgin Media bundle online at the website and save themeselves £159.90. – 6 Months Free Music Offer

Virgin Media ( is offering new broadband customers 6 months free access to the Spotify Premium music streaming service – which represents a saving of nearly £60.

The offer also applies to existing customers re-contracting, with both new and existing customers needing to take Virgin Media’s 30Mbps broadband service as a minimum in order to qualify.

Virgin Media’s 30Mbps broadband package costs from £8.50 a month and includes unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobiles when taken with Virgin phone line rental (£13.90 p/m).

The package includes unlimited downloads, free Internet security, a free wireless router and free installation (worth £49.95) when ordered online at the website.

According to Ofcom’s review of UK broadband speeds published in July 2011, existing Virgin Media 30Mbps broadband customers typically get broadband speeds of 30.62Mbps – which is four times faster than the UK average broadband speed.

Spotify is the award-winning digital music service, which gives users on-demand access to over 15 million music tracks – all of which can be streamed online, on mobile, or soon to be on TV with the Spotify app for Virgin Media’s TiVo service.

Spotify Premium is the top of the range Spotify experience without the adverts. Usually costing £9.99 a month, Spotify Premium gives users access to millions of tracks, online or offline, offering enhanced sound quality, plus access to exclusive content.

On expiry of the 6 months free access, Virgin Media customers can choose to continue to subscribe to the Spotify Premium service through Virgin Media at a cost of £9.99 a month.

Customers not wishing to continue will have their Spotify accounts reverted to the advert-supported Spotify free service.

Interested readers can find out more information and order/recontract online at the website.

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