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Orange Mobile Broadband Users Surge By 64%

Orange ( has revealed a 64% increase in mobile broadband users on its network following the release of its latest quarterly results.
The communications company, which offers both home and mobile broadband services, saw its mobile broadband subscriber base swell to almost 4.7 million customers – a year on year increase of 64%.
However, it was not all good news for the France Telecom owned company as its fixed line home broadband service experienced a 12.2% drop in users to just under 900,000.
In a move to reverse the drop, Orange has recently revamped its range of home broadband plans by boosting download speeds to up to 20Mbps and removing any usage caps (fair usage policies apply).
Monthly prices for 20Mbps Orange Home Broadband (plus UK weekend calls) now start from just £6.50 with Orange mobile customers able to get the service free for the first 3 months.
Orange customers can also benefit from cheaper mobile broadband plans with prices starting at £4.89 a month for speeds up to 3.6Mbps. Non Orange customers need only pay £9.79 a month.
Orange was recently rated as the UK’s number one mobile broadband provider for getting connected and staying connected in a YouGov survey.
Readers can find out more at the website or our Orange Mobile Broadband review.

Half Price Orange Mobile Broadband Offer To End

Orange ( looks set to end its 3 months half price mobile broadband offer on Monday the 31st August.

The offer is available online only to new and existing customers and applies to the the Orange 18 month 3GB and 10GB mobile broadband tariffs.

The Orange mobile broadband 3GB package provides speeds up to 3.6Mb with a 3GB monthly data allowance. With the offer, prices start from £7.34 a month for 3 months, followed by £14.68 a month after.

The 10GB package offers the same 3.6Mb speeds and comes with a higher 10GB data usage cap. Customers opting for this package will need to pay £12.27 per month for 3 months and then £24.47 per month after.

Both packages come with a free USB modem stick (available in black or white) and free next day delivery.

Existing Orange customers also have the choice of opting for a 500Mb tariff that costs just £4.89 a month for the duration of the 18 month contract.

Both the 3 months free offer and the £4.89 tariff can be ordered online at the website.

Orange mobile broadband was rated the ‘UK’s Most Reliable Mobile Broadband Provider’ in a recent YouGov survey.

Orange Add Samsung N310 To Broadband Laptops

Telco giant Orange has added the black Samsung N310 netbook to their mobile broadband and laptop range for consumers in a move that also sees HP and Asus laptops added to their business laptop range.

The lightweight Samsung N310 is one of the latest sought after netbooks on the market with a stylish minimalistic design matched with a performance rich specification.

It has an Intel Atom processor, 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and 10.1″ high gloss screen. Other features include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a built in 1.3 megapixel webcam.

The Samsung N310 netbook laptop and Orange mobile broadband bundle costs £24.47 a month for the duration of the 24 month contract. Orange mobile broadband speeds are up to 3.6Mbps with a 1GB monthly data usage allowance. A free Orange USB modem dongle is included.

There are also options for customers to choose different contract lengths and different data usage allowances to suit their requirements.

Interesed readers can find out more at the website or compare this deal with others from T-Mobile, O2, Orange and 3 at our mobile broadband & free laptop comparison service.

Orange 1 Month (30 Day) Mobile Broadband Contracts

Mobile telcommunications provider Orange has added 1 month (30 day) mobile broadband contract options to its range of packages.

Priced the same as their 18 month contracts at £14.68 a month for 3GB’s of data or £24.47 for 10GB’s, these rolling 1 month contracts also offer the same mobile broadband speeds up to 3.6Mb.

Customers just need to pay a one off £29 for the Orange USB modem stick which is free on the 18 month contract option.

1 month (30 day) rolling mobile broadband contracts are set to become a popular choice for mobile broadband users as there’s no long term commitment.

Users tempted by mobile broadband can give it a try without being tied into a long contract. They are also free to take advantage of a better longer term deal if one becomes available from the provider.

1 month contract users just need to make sure they keep an eye on their data usage as there’s a 5p per MB charge on Orange if they go over their limit, while for 18 month contract holders, the charge is lower at just 1.43p per MB.

Further information on these rolling 1 month (30 day) contract options can be found at the website or at our mobile broadband comparison and review service.

Orange Offers UK Broadband Coverage Fix

Mobile operator Orange has offered to fix the UK’s broadband coverage problems by building a UK wide network that provides broadband access to all UK homes.

In return, the company would like a bigger share of the radio spectrum owned by O2 and Vodafone, together with the extension, indefinitely, of its 3G license.

The offer forms part of Orange’s 68 page response to Lord Carter’s Digital Britain report, where the Communications Minister called for every home in the UK to have access to up to 2Mbps broadband speeds by 2012.

Since the report was published in January, Lord Carter has held a series of meetings with the UK’s top fixed line and mobile broadband providers in an effort to thrash out a solution to the UK’s broadband coverage problems.

One such solution is using the UK’s mobile phone networks to fill the fixed line broadband gaps in rural areas – a solution that has resulted in Lord Carter asking both O2 and Vodafone to share part of their radio spectrum as they are the closest to the analogue TV signal.

The two companies have until April to either agree or come up with an alternative solution – with Lord Carter prepared to force them both to give up some of their spectrum for other companies, like Orange, to use.

The Orange report also revealed how it proposes to address the problem of illegal online file sharing. It said:

“The real key to combating unlawful file-sharing and copyright infringement online is (a) education and (b) the development and popularisation of legitimate and compelling content distribution business models.”

Overall, there has been a number of ideas floating around as to how the proposals put forward in the Digital Britain report can be met. This new offer by Orange is certainly something for Lord Carter to think about – though the large portion of spectrum required by Orange may not go down well with license owners, Vodafone and O2.

Orange Offers ‘Free’ HP Laptops With Broadband

Orange has signed a 3 year agreement with Hewlett Packard (HP) to offer a range of ‘free’ HP laptops with Orange broadband.

The deal means Orange and HP will co-distribute and market a range of laptop notebooks and HP Mini netbooks with mobile or fixed Orange broadband access included.

The new laptop packages with Orange mobile broadband are already available on the website. Prices start from £29.36 a month for the HP Compaq Mini 700 laptop with up to 3.6Mb Orange mobile broadband speeds and a 3Gb download usage allowance. A free Orange dongle is also included.

Olaf Swantee, SEVP of Orange’s communications services, said: “The demand for mobile broadband is a global phenomenon. Adding a select range of HP Notebooks and Minis to our successful portfolio of connected offers is just the kick-off phase.”

Senior vice president, HP PSG EMEA, Eric Cador added: “The partnership with Orange has created a new and important channel for HP as customers increasingly turn to the power of the mobile Internet.”

Eric continues, “Our vision is to make mobile Internet simple and always available for people wherever they are, giving customers an even better mobile experience by leveraging Orange’s and HP’s unique experience and knowledge.”

Demand for mobile broadband globally has seen Orange’s mobile broadband customer base increase to 23.2 million – an 81% increase from the previous year.

[UPDATE:12/09/2012] Orange has now discontinued its range of broadband and free laptop deals. Please visit our Mobile Broadband Free Laptop guide to compare the latest packages available from Vodafone and Three (3).

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