Orange 1 Month (30 Day) Mobile Broadband Contracts

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Orange 1 Month (30 Day) Mobile Broadband Contracts

Mobile telcommunications provider Orange has added 1 month (30 day) mobile broadband contract options to its range of packages.

Priced the same as their 18 month contracts at £14.68 a month for 3GB’s of data or £24.47 for 10GB’s, these rolling 1 month contracts also offer the same mobile broadband speeds up to 3.6Mb.

Customers just need to pay a one off £29 for the Orange USB modem stick which is free on the 18 month contract option.

1 month (30 day) rolling mobile broadband contracts are set to become a popular choice for mobile broadband users as there’s no long term commitment.

Users tempted by mobile broadband can give it a try without being tied into a long contract. They are also free to take advantage of a better longer term deal if one becomes available from the provider.

1 month contract users just need to make sure they keep an eye on their data usage as there’s a 5p per MB charge on Orange if they go over their limit, while for 18 month contract holders, the charge is lower at just 1.43p per MB.

Further information on these rolling 1 month (30 day) contract options can be found at the website or at our mobile broadband comparison and review service.

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