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O2 Broadband Free Connection & Money Back Guarantee

If you order any O2 Broadband package online before the 30th June 2008, O2 will waive your broadband connection charge (usually £50) and give you a 50 day money back guarantee.

O2 Broadband Free Connection And 50 Day Money Back Guarantee

O2 Broadband prices for O2 mobile phone customers start from just £7.50 a month for up to 8Mb broadband download speeds. Non O2 mobile phone customers simply pay an extra £5 a month – which is still good value.

You’ll receive a free O2 wireless box for wireless broadband in and around your home, free UK based customer and technical phone support around the clock and free McAfee PC security which includes antivirus and spyware protection, firewall and spam filters.

You can find out further information on the range of O2 broadband packages available together with O2’s latest broadband deals in our O2 Broadband review here.

Cheaper Home Broadband For O2 Pay & Go Customers

O2 are now offering cheaper home broadband for their pay & go mobile phone customers aswell as their pay monthly customers.

Both sets of O2 mobile customers can now get unlimited 8Mb O2 Broadband for just £7.50 a month, while non O2 customers pay £5 per month more.

Cheap O2 Broadband Now Available For Pay & Go Customers

O2 Broadband is available to around 50% of UK homes, so you’ll need to check you can receive it by entering your postcode in our Broadband postcode checker here.

Don’t forget that you can also get O2 Broadband connected for free when you order online, which saves about £50.

You can read more about this new offer in our O2 Broadband review here.

O2 Broadband – Price Drop For Non O2 Mobile Customers

Happy New Year from the team at Broadband Internet UK!

In what’s expected to be a busy month of new broadband deals, our first 2008 deal alert comes from our friends at O2. It’s great news if you’re interested in signing up to O2 Broadband but you’re not an O2 mobile phone customer.

O2 Broadband

The price for broadband for non O2 mobile customers has been reduced by £5 per month, meaning you can now get up to 8Mb O2 broadband for just £12.50 a month, up to 16Mb for £15 a month and up to 20Mb for £20 a month.

This price reduction is valid until the 30th April 2008 with all online orders made before the 31st January 2008 qualifying for free connection and a 100 day money back guarantee.

You can read more on all three O2 Broadband packages in our review.

O2 To Launch Broadband Pay TV Service In 2008

O2 is planning to take on rivals Sky, Virgin Media and BT with a broadband pay TV service that’s due to be launched in Q4 2008.

O2 TV follows the launch of O2 Broadband in October 2007 and would enable the mobile phone operator to offer broadband, phone and digital television bundles like its rivals.

O2 Broadband

O2 already has TV content deals in place with the likes of Warner Bros and Paramount as part of its digital TV and on demand service it runs in the Czech Republic.

An extension of these deals for the UK market is anticipated enabling O2 to offer up to 60 TV channels and a vast library of video on demand content.

O2 Home Broadband From £7.50 A Month

Though O2 left it late to enter the home broadband market (15th October 2007!), we think they’ve ‘come up trumps’ with a superior range of broadband packages that are priced from just £7.50 a month.

O2 Broadband

Importantly, O2 Broadband includes customer and technical support that is UK based and free of charge – so no costly 0870 or 09 numbers here!

They also aim to provide some clarity to you on the likely broadband speed you’ll actually receive – and will ‘reportedly’ adjust your monthly cost if you’re not getting the speed you signed up for.

If you’re an O2 pay monthly mobile customer, you can get the ‘standard’ unlimited 8Mb home broadband for just £7.50 a month, otherwise its £17.50 a month which is still good value.

It’s worth noting that you’ll qualify for free connection and a 100 day money back guarantee if you order O2 Broadand online by the 31st January 2008.

You can read more on all three O2 Broadband packages in our review here.

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