Sky Broadband Deals Get 20Mb Speed Boost

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Sky Broadband Deals Get 20Mb Speed Boost

Sky ( has boosted the download speed of its Sky Broadband packages to up to 20Mbps as part of a refresh of its broadband deals.
New and existing Sky TV customers can now choose from two up to 20Mbps broadband packages, known as Sky Everyday Lite and Sky Unlimited.
Sky Everyday Lite provides up to 20Mbps broadband speeds with a 2GB download allowance per month. The package is free for new and existing Sky TV customers who take or have Sky Talk. It is an excellent free broadband package for those users who want to browse the internet daily and do some online shopping.
For £7.50 a month, new and existing Sky TV customers can opt for Sky Unlimited Broadband, which offers a truly unlimited up to 20Mbps broadband service with no monthly download usage allowance.
With no reduction in broadband speeds at busy times of the day, Sky Unlimited Broadband is perfect for regular uses of on demand TV services like the BBC iPlayer and also users who frequently download music and movies.

Speaking about the refresh, Delia Bushell, Sky’s Director of Broadband & Talk, said: “Sky is transforming the broadband marketplace again, by providing Britain’s best value up to 20Mb truly unlimited broadband service and the UK’s only free, up to 20Mb service”.
Bushell added: “Unlike some other ISPs, Sky promises not to slow down the speed customers enjoy on its network at peak times, and in terms of usage, Sky’s unlimited service really means unlimited”.
New customers joining Sky TV from £18 a month can currently get a free Sky+ HD box, free broadband with speeds up to 20Mbps, plus free evening and weekend phone calls with Sky Talk. A free £50 M&S voucher is also provided to those new customers who sign up online at the website.

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