Free Sky Broadband To Have 20Mbps Speeds

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Free Sky Broadband To Have 20Mbps Speeds

Sky ( is to offer new and existing Sky TV customers free Sky Broadband speeds up to 20Mbps from the 1st June.
As part of the revamp, Sky will be offering two broadband packages to choose from, Sky Everyday Lite and Sky Unlimited.
Sky Everyday Lite Broadband will be free to new and existing Sky TV customers who take or have the free Sky Talk package. Broadband speeds up to 20Mbps will be offered together with a 2GB monthly download usage allowance.
Sky Unlimited Broadband, at £7.50 a month, will provide a truly unlimited broadband service with speeds up to 20Mbps. Available to new and existing Sky TV customers with Sky Talk, Sky Unlimited will come with no monthly download usage cap, no fair usage policy and no traffic shaping (also known as throttling).
In particular no traffic shaping means that unlike some other broadband suppliers, Sky will not reduce the broadband speeds its Unlimited customers enjoy on its broadband network at busy times of the day.

Commenting on the announcement, Sky’s Director of Broadband & Talk, Delia Bushell said: “Sky is transforming the broadband marketplace again, by providing Britain’s best value up to 20Mb truly unlimited broadband service and the UK’s only free, up to 20Mb service”.
“With these new products, our customers have a very simple choice to make based on how much they use the internet, with peace of mind that they are getting a high quality, reliable service”.
Bushell concluded by saying: “Unlike some other ISPs, Sky promises not to slow down the speed customers enjoy on its network at peak times, and in terms of usage, Sky’s unlimited service really means unlimited”.
Readers can find out information on Sky’s range of TV, phone and broadband packages at the website or at our Sky Broadband review.

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