TalkTalk Broadband Offers ‘We’ll Call You’ Service

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TalkTalk Broadband Offers ‘We’ll Call You’ Service

TalkTalk ( has launched a new free service called ‘We’ll Call You’ which offers their older customers, who live alone, with a weekly chat.
The weekly calls will be made by TalkTalk staff, with customers being able to talk about anything they fancy, ranging from the days news to the latest goings on in EastEnders or Coronation Street.
TalkTalk staff will also be able to look up information for their customers about local services and provide them with the details they require.
Commenting on the new free service, TalkTalk’s Communications Director Mark Schmid said: “We’re not trying to replace social services and charities but our research shows that the service we’re providing meets a need which is not currently being met”.
Schmid continued: “Knowing that there will be a phone call from a friendly, familiar voice at a fixed time each week and that you can talk to them about anything you like is something that a lot of people value”.

Schmid ended by saying: “We install communications equipment in millions of homes and our next generation network carries billions of bits of data every day, but for many people, the most important piece of communications ‘kit’ is a human voice. The ‘We’ll Call You’ service is designed to ensure everyone has someone to chat to at least once a week”.
The launch of the new service follows new findings that reveal the number of people aged over 65 who live alone in the UK has passed the 4 million milestone.
TalkTalk is the UK’s brighter phone and broadband company, offering up to 8Mb broadband and offpeak phone calls for as little as £6.49 a month.
The company confirmed it would never use its’ ‘We’ll Call You’ initiative to sell a TalkTalk product or service.
Those readers interested in setting up the free weekly chat service can call TalkTalk on 0203 417 1008 or visit the TalkTalk We’ll Call You website.

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