TalkTalk Offer Users £250 For Home Naming Rights

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TalkTalk Offer Users £250 For Home Naming Rights

Leading broadband and phone supplier, TalkTalk (, is offering its customers £250 in order to secure naming rights to their home.
The innovative scheme means those homeowners who add the TalkTalk brand to their formal house address for a year will receive £250 in return.
South Croydon couple, Elaine and Darren Snow have already taken up the offer, renaming their house in Sanderstead, South Croydon to ‘TalkTalk Towers’.
Commenting on the renaming, Elaine Snow said, “Everyone says your house is your biggest asset so it makes sense to make the most of it.”
TalkTalk’s Communications Director, Mark Schmid said, “If the great sporting and cultural arenas of the nation can be renamed then why not individual homes? We aim to have 50 deals completed by the end of the year across the country and to do more next year.”

Schmid continued, “We are not averse to major sponsorships, after all, we sponsored the X Factor this year, but we were keen to develop a different type of sponsorship vehicle which really conveys what we’re all about – great value services for the home.”

Naming rights can be a money spinner with Arsenal’s The Emirates Stadium said to be part of a deal worth £100 million to the North London football club.
TalkTalk homeowners can rename their home using either TalkTalk Towers, TalkTalk Mansions, TalkTalk@ (e.g. TalkTalk@37 Acacia Avenue), The TalkTalk House or The TalkTalk Home.
Readers interested in securing £250 for selling their home’s naming rights to TalkTalk should email

One thought on “TalkTalk Offer Users £250 For Home Naming Rights

I have read this and am still struggling to believe my eyes – £250 to rename your house for a year ? – BRING IT ON ! needless to say I have emailed them already!

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