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TalkTalk Add ‘Magic Desktop’ Child Safety Internet App

TalkTalk ( has launched a free child safety Internet app, known as the Magic Desktop, for all its customers.
The Magic Desktop suite of applications enables parents to introduce their kids to the Internet in a child-friendly environment.
Parents can use services such as ‘My First Browser’ to create a white list of websites their child can visit. They can also use ‘Magic Mail’ to put together a list of approved email contacts.
Children can also undertake various learning exercises and upon completion build up a points tally that they can use to play games.
Commenting on Magic Desktop, TalkTalk’s Sylvain Thevenot said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer this product for free to our customers”.
Thevenot continued: “Magic Desktop gives children a great introduction to computers and the internet and parents can have peace of mind that they can give their child the freedom to explore but can minimise risks and help children behave safer online”.
TalkTalk customers can see a demo of the free Magic Desktop application at

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