TalkTalk Consider Broadband Controls For Parents

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TalkTalk Consider Broadband Controls For Parents

TalkTalk ( is considering introducing parental controls for a home’s broadband connection to help stop illegal file sharing online.
This would involve parents choosing from a cinema style classification list so that their home’s broadband connection could not be used to log on to file sharing or adult websites.
Charles Dunstone, the Chief Executive of the Carphone Warehouse which owns TalkTalk, said, “We are working on introducing parental controls within our network, so your household can decide whether you want to be a U, 14, or 18 certificate or unclassified”.
Customers choosing to have their settings as either 14 or U, would block access to illegal file sharing websites and adult sites.
The proposed system would be network based which means customers would not need to install any additional software onto their computer.
Mr. Dunstone continued, “This is something that we are going to do anyway, as a service to our customers. But through doing it we can also help the content industry by blacklisting sites that have BiTorrent files on them”.
Following its acquisition of Tiscali UK, TalkTalk is the UK’s largest residential broadband provider with more than 4.25 million customers.
TalkTalk’s Essentials package at £6.49 a month is the UK’s leading value for money broadband and phone package. It is currently available with the first 3 months free.
The package can be ordered online at the website or by calling TalkTalk on 0800 049 7865.

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