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Faster Broadband Won’t Entice Online TV Viewers

A new survey has revealed that faster broadband speeds may not necessarily draw more people online to watch their favourite TV shows.

The YouGov and Deloitte research found that 53% of the 2,123 surveyed would not watch more TV online even if there were faster broadband speeds available.

Furthermore around 29% of those surveyed thought that there was very little importance in being able to watch TV shows online.

It is mainly the younger generation aged between 18 and 34 years who are currently watching web TV on a regular basis.

However, even this group said that if broadband speeds were faster it would be unlikely to affect the length of time they would spend watching their favourite programmes online.

News programmes and comedy are the main types of TV content watched online, whereas just 7% of people surveyed watched reality TV over the internet.

James Bates, the Media and Telecoms partner at Deloitte, said, “Stimulating investment in a next generation broadband infrastructure for Britain has been at the heart of the Digital Britain debate. However, making high speed broadband access widely available to consumers is no guarantee that it will be taken up”.

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