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UK Wide Mobile WiMax Broadband Rollout Unlikely

The wholesale wireless network operator, Bluenowhere, has said that a UK wide mobile WiMax broadband rollout is unlikely.

This is reported to be due to a lack of backing from any of the top five mobile broadband providers in the UK, which means that WiMax is likely to only be available for select niche groups.

The main reason why mobile WiMax hasn’t been backed by the UK’s mobile broadband suppliers is because it is a competitor to the Long Term Evolution of 3G for the title of 4G. It seems that most mobile broadband ISP’s prefer LTE to be their future service.

The Chief Executive of Bluenowhere, Harry Aldridge said to, “We don’t rule out that mobile WiMax could be deployed as a 4G type service in the UK, but it’s our view that it would require either an existing mobile operator to commit to deploying it as their 4G solution, or it would require an equally established company with big pockets to deploy on that basis to have any chance of making it a success”.

Consequently it could be likely that WiMax is used to help fill the gaps that currently exist in the UK’s fixed line broadband coverage network. This could be in various isolated areas across the UK.

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