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Swine Flu Could Threaten UK’s Broadband Infrastructure

Industry officials are worried that swine flu could cause serious problems for the UK’s broadband infrastructure.

With the virus expected to hit most of the UK within the next few months and people likely to be kept at home for two weeks if they have suspected swine flu, the worry is that the broadband infrastructure will not be able to cope with the increased usage.

Broadband provides a convenient way to work from home and can be extremely useful. However, if millions more people in the UK were to increase their broadband usage it could dramatically slow down internet speeds and likely cause the internet to shutdown.

According to sources, BT has already been unable to give a definite assurance that it could fully cope with millions more users & usage.

Many UK businesses have no measures in place for a swine flu epidemic – despite experts claiming that it will affect millions of people over the next few months.

The problems with broadband access will only arise if people are expected to work from home, so it is vital that businesses come up with suitable measures to prevent workers having to rely solely on the internet.

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