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BT YouView TV

BT ( is offering a free YouView TV box worth £299 and a free £50 Sainsbury’s voucher to new customers ordering online either BT Broadband or BT Infinity with a BT YouView TV package.

The deal means new customers can get a free YouView box by ordering online BT’s new Totally Unlimited Broadband, Weekend Calls and YouView TV Essential Pack which costs just £5 per month for the first 6 months (£21p/m after), plus BT line rental from £11.75 a month.

YouView is an innovative new digital TV service that integrates content delivered by broadband and television aerial. It is the natural upgrade for people currently using a Freeview box or those dissatisfied with their Pay TV service. It is backed by some of biggest names in British TV and Broadband including the likes of the BBC, BT, Channel 4, TalkTalk, Channel 5, ITV and Arqiva.

With the deal, BT customers will have access to over 100 Freeview digital TV and radio channels (incl. 4 Freeview channels in HD; BBC1 HD, ITV1 HD, Channel 4 HD, BBC HD) together with a unique broadband powered Catch-Up TV service.

This service enables users to scroll back in time using the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), so they can watch shows from last night or last week even if they forgot to record them. There’s also the ability to record, pause and rewind live TV using the 500GB hard drive of the YouView box.

Further broadband powered on-demand content on YouView (over 10,000 pieces) is available from free and paid for ‘Players’ like the BBC iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD, Demand5, Milkshake and NowTV (offers chargeable Sky Movies) – with more content providers joining soon.

Users can find the on-demand content they want to watch by searching YouView by title or by genre. The search results display programmes across all the on-demand Players which means users don’t need to go into each Player separately to perform a search.

Customers taking YouView from BT will also have access to the BT Vision Player, which has an additional 10,000 programmes on demand, including the latest blockbuster films and the best UK TV shows, sport and kids entertainment.

In fact, the BT Vision Player has the largest video on demand library on YouView with Kids, Music, TV and Film. It is also the only destination on YouView where users can enjoy the lastest high definition (HD) films (on pay per view) and music videos – from which users can create their own music playlists.

Commenting on the announcement, BT Retail’s TV Director, Alex Green, said: “This is a fantastic offer. Customers will now be able to enjoy Totally Unlimited BT Broadband with a YouView box, TV Essential pack and Calls – all from just £5 per month”.

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Green continued: “With YouView from BT not only can customers experience a great new way to watch TV they will also be able to access a huge range of on-demand content from the BT Vision Player. The launch of YouView from BT is another piece of exciting news about BT’s plans for TV”.

A one-off £49 activation fee applies for the YouView box which includes optional powerline adaptors to make it easy for customers to set the box up themselves.

Alternatively, customers can pay an additional £35 for a BT Engineer to set it up YouView from BT for them.

Existing BT Infinity/Broadband customers will also be able to get a free YouView box (£49 activation fee applies) when they order BT’s YouView TV Essential or Unlimited package, which costs from just £5 and £12.50 a month respectively.

Those existing BT Infinity/Broadband customers who already subscribe to BT Vision, but who are out of contract, can upgrade to YouView from BT and receive the YouView box for a one-off activation fee of £49, provided they renew both their TV and Broadband contracts.

Existing customers still in a BT Vision contract will need to pay £299 for the YouView box from BT, though it is probably worth these customers waiting to the end of their contract to avoid paying.

It’s also worth noting that with a BT YouView package all on-demand viewing on YouView (not just BT Vision programmes) is exempt from any broadband usage allowance – which means you don’t need to worry about how much you watch.

Readers can find out more information on BT’s YouView TV packages and order online at the website. Note, orders placed online by the 24th June will also qualify for a FREE £50 Sainsbury’s voucher.

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4 thoughts on “ – Free BT YouView Box Worth £299


I would be interested if I can access the racing channels ie At the Races. channel 415 on Sky.

Is it possible to have this on your TV


Hi Ivan

Thanks for your comment.

At The Races is not currently available on YouView from BT, however, there is racing coverage on Channel 4 that you can watch and catch up with using the scrollback EPG on the YouView box.

BT has plans to add more and more content to its YouView TV service in the coming months so worth keeping an eye out for.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards
Steve – BBC Radio 2 Website Of The Day

Good afternoon,
While looking and reviewing the details as printed above, I believe I may not understand all the costs.
You talk about £5.00 pounds monthly, and the Box is free, all that is required is an Activation charge or £46.00 pounds, plus postage of £ 6.95 pounds. Now all that looks very good, however while looking at the package it go on to state there will also be a charge of £12-£13 per month? I believe we already pay this amount on Line Rental – do you want another Charge, or have I just misunderstood this, and because I am already paying this amount, it would no be required.
While still on the subject, are the charges per month go to go up, say within several months – something like after the close of this year December – into January 2013

Hello Mrs Newman

Thank you for getting in touch.

Assuming you are an existing BT customer paying for BT Broadband, calls and phone line rental, then the cost to add YouView from BT starts from an additional £5 a month (plus one-off £49 activation fee. Note, BT no longer charges the £6.95 delivery fee).

The additional £5 a month gets you BT’s YouView TV Essential package which includes the free YouView box and Catch-Up TV via the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player to name but a few. You will also have access to a further 10,000 TV shows and films all available on demand on pay per view from as little as 50p a show.

Some of BT’s prices are changing from the 5th January, full details of which can be found on their site. It’s worth noting though, that the £5 a month charge for the BT YouView TV Essential package that I described above is not changing.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards
Steve – BBC Radio 2 Website Of The Day

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