Gateshead Housing Site Set for UK’s Fastest Broadband

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Gateshead Housing Site Set for UK’s Fastest Broadband

A Gateshead housing site is set to receive the UK’s fastest broadband service at up to 100Mbps.

This new ultra high speed broadband service is set to benefit the current “Brownfield” housing site which used to be the Freightliner depot, situated close to Gateshead town centre.

The technology was originally developed to bring new business and job opportunities to the town and will be extended so that all homes that are built on the site will have direct access to the ultra fast service.
Homes will receive the service via a fibre optic broadband network that will connect to the Baltic Business Quarter network via a cable that will run under the A184 Felling bypass. It may also be extended to 18 other potential sites throughout Gateshead.

Mick Henry, the leader of Gateshead Council said of the network plans:
“Baltic Business Quarter is developing the best communications infrastructure available anywhere in the UK today. The system was designed specifically to attract major employers and high-quality creative jobs to Gateshead. However, we believe it would be relatively simple to extend this system into neighbouring areas – and offer householders the potential to access some of the fastest and most powerful broadband in the world.”

He continued, “This is an exciting new development which could completely transform housing potential in this area and turn the Freightliner site into one of the most sought after locations in the region.”
Overall this new super fast broadband network is definitely good news for the residents of Gateshead. All that is needed now is for more councils across the UK to work with technology providers in order for other advanced broadband networks to be built. That way the UK will be well on its way to the government’s goal of providing all UK homes with fast broadband access by 2010.

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