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Vodafone Offers NC10 Laptop With Built-In Broadband

Vodafone has added the Samsung NC10 netbook laptop with built in Vodafone mobile broadband to its range of mobile broadband and free laptop packages.

Built-in mobile broadband means customers will not need to use a separate Vodafone USB modem stick or dongle to connect to the Internet as the laptop has the Vodafone mobile broadband SIM card and software embedded within it.

Worth £299, the award winning Samsung NC10 netbook is light, fast and easy to carry. It has a 160GB hard drive for all your files, 1Gb of RAM and a built-in webcam. It comes with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity, a 3-in-1 memory card reader and Windows XP Home Edition.

Samsung NC10 Netbook With Built In Vodafone Mobile Broadband

The Samsung NC10 laptop together with built in Vodafone mobile broadband speeds up to 7.2Mbps is available at the website from £25 a month – with no upfront costs.

Users will get a 1GB mobile broadband data usage allowance per month, whilst there’s an option to pay £5 more a month for a 3GB allowance.

A 24 month contract applies.

Vodafone is the first UK network operator to offer the Samsung NC10 netbook with built-in mobile broadband.

Interested readers can find out more at the website, or compare this deal with others at our mobile broadband free laptop comparison service.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Users To Get Signal Boost

Vodafone mobile broadband customers, together with Vodafone mobile phone customers, will soon be able to benefit from stronger mobile signals around the home thanks to a special signal booster device.

Thought to be particularly beneficial to those living in rural areas, the device, which is essentially a mini base station, works by routing calls through a users home broadband network.

Some critics are claiming that this is just a cheap way for Vodafone to increase its mobile coverage. However, the Consumer Director of Vodafone UK, Ian Shepherd, claims that it will be a huge benefit to those who live in rural areas.

He said, “The Vodafone Access Gateway will boost indoor mobile phone coverage for customers who today find they need to move around the rooms in their home to get a consistent signal strength.”

The device will be the same size as any other standard router and it should be compatible with all handsets and Vodafone mobile broadband dongles which use the 3G network.

It will connect directly through a domestic broadband line and cost a one off £160, though there is the option to pay £5 per month instead.

Vodafone plans to start selling the signal booster device at the end of the month.

Vodafone Launches 3 Months Free Mobile Broadband

Vodafone, the UK’s leading mobile telecommunications company has launched a 3 months free mobile broadband offer, saving new customers £45.

The offer is available on Vodafone’s 24 month 3GB mobile broadband tariff which usually costs £15 a month.

The package provides mobile broadband speeds up to 7.2Mbps and includes a 3GB data allowance which is enough for 100 hours of web browsing, 200 music track downloads, 100 short video downloads and 2,000 emails.

Users going over the 3GB monthly data limit will need to pay £15 for every additional 1GB of data they use.

The new Vodafone USB modem stick Pro which is up to fourteen times quicker than 3G is also included for free in the package.

Interested readers can find further information at the website, or our Vodafone Mobile Broadband review.

Vodafone User Gets £22,000 Mobile Broadband Bill

A Vodafone mobile broadband customer has returned from holiday to find a near £22,000 mobile broadband bill to pay.

Will Pierce along with his son, downloaded various British television shows whilst they were on holiday. They used a Vodafone data card to download episodes of Top Gear and Kavanagh QC, but nothing could have prepared them for the bill that they received when they got back.

Totalling £21,716, the pair must have at first thought that it was some kind of mistake. However, as they found out the bill was very real and it was all thanks to roaming charges which caused each download to cost £5,000. Put simply, the charge for downloading was £300 per minute.

When talking about the bill to the Daily Mail, Mr Pierce said:
“I nearly fell over when I saw the bill. It was just unbelievable. I never imagined it would cost so much to watch a few TV programs. I’m amazed that Vodafone could allow an individual to run up such a huge bill without any warning or agreement of a credit limit. It’s utterly staggering.”

Vodafone have since decided to waive the bill. They have also stated that a bill so high is extremely rare.

It is certainly not the first time that a mobile broadband consumer has ran up such a high bill whilst abroad. Another man downloaded episodes of Friends whilst he was in Germany and his bill totalled £11,000.

Whilst it can be incredibly convenient to browse the web and download content no matter where you are, it’s always advisable to read the small print of your mobile broadband contract.

Most tariffs cover the UK only so if you’re planning on using your mobile broadband connection abroad, make sure you add a ‘bolt on’ tariff which are reasonably priced.

Finally, if you’re in any doubt, simply get in contact with your mobile broadband provider before you travel abroad. They’ll be happy to help.

Dell Laptop With In-Built Vodafone Mobile Broadband

Dell and Vodafone have joined forces to launch the Dell Mini 9 laptop notebook which includes in-built Vodafone mobile broadband – as opposed to a plug in USB dongle.

On sale at the end of September, the mobile broadband notebook will be available to order online at both the Dell and Vodafone websites aswell as from high street Vodafone shops.

The Mini 9 notebook comes with Windows XP and features an 8.9in screen, 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB hard drive. There’s also integrated Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel webcam.

Full pricing details will be available from both companies in the next week or so so we’ll update you when we find out more.
In the meantime, you can find out more about Vodafone Mobile Broadband here in our review.

Free Nokia Phone With Vodafone Mobile Broadband

You can now get a free Nokia 1208 pay as you talk mobile phone when you order online any Vodafone Mobile Broadband package with a 12, 18 or 24 month contract.

You just need to enter the promotional code ‘mobilebb01’ when you order your mobile broadband package on the Vodafone website.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband packages from Vodafone start from £15 a month and include a free USB modem stick that also contains a useful microSD memory card slot.

The download speeds you’ll experience are up to 7.2Mbps and there’s either a 3Gb or 5Gb data allowance to choose.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband is the nation’s fastest, most reliable broadband network according to recent independent trials so they’re a good network to get 3G mobile internet access for your laptop.
Go to our Vodafone Mobile Broadband review for detailed information.

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