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Vodafone iPad SIM Offers Mobile Broadband For £10

Vodafone ( is offering iPad 3G users its iPad SIM card (MicroSIM) for just £10 a month.

Available on a short, flexible one month contract, Vodafone’s £10 a month tariff has a 1GB data allowance and provides iPad users with access to Vodafone’s 3G mobile broadband network which offers download speeds up to 7.2Mbps.
New customers will also get 1GB of free data to use whenever they’re in one of BT Openzone’s 3,000 strong UK Wi-Fi hotspots.
Vodafone’s iPad SIM is also available to buy with a higher 3GB and 5GB monthly data allowance, with prices currently set at £15 and £25 a month respectively.

According to the Vodafone website, the 5GB data allowance enables users to browse the Internet for 150 hours, send 3,250 emails, download 300 music tracks and watch 150 short video clips per month.
Vodafone offers free delivery on all online orders together with a 7 day returns policy. Orders placed are expected to be delivered within 2-4 working days.
iPad owners requiring a Vodafone iPad SIM can find out more at the website.

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