O2 Broadband And Phone Deals Launch For £9.50

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O2 Broadband And Phone Deals Launch For £9.50

O2 (o2.co.uk/niggles) has today launched its first broadband AND phone packages for the home with prices, including telephone line rental, starting from just £9.50 a month.
The packages offer new and existing O2 Broadband customers straight forward pricing with the convenience of having both O2 Home Phone and O2 Home Broadband consolidated into one simple bill. Telephone line rental is also included.
New customers are able to use O2’s current 3 months free broadband offer and thus switch their broadband, home phone calls and telephone line rental to O2 and pay from £9.50 a month for the first 3 months, followed by £17 a month after. Non O2 mobile customers will need to pay £22 a month after.
Commenting on the launch, O2 Marketing Director, Sally Cowdry, said: “At O2, we’ve been listening to our customers and we’ve realised that many of them want great value, an end to hidden costs and the convenience of being able to pay their home phone and broadband bills together”.
Cowdry continued: “That is exactly what they will get from us now we have launched Home Phone – truly transparent and flexible pricing plans and convenient consolidated billing. O2 is committed to providing the same quality of service with Home Phone that we have established with our broadband over the years”.
O2’s launch of its new home phone and broadband packages follows the company’s successful venture into the UK’s broadband market in 2007.
Readers can find out more about the new packages at the o2.co.uk/niggles website or our O2 Broadband and Phone review.

One thought on “O2 Broadband And Phone Deals Launch For £9.50

I wanted to have 02 home broadband and telephone bundle however because I am with Tiscali and pay theim line rental my line is no longer classified as a BT line as Tiscali have the exchange connection. So O2 say they can’t provide the service to me due to Tiscali having the line rental. Having spoken to Oftel they tell me that all telephone /broadband suppliers have the opportunity to have connections in the exchanges so it seems that 02 don’t do this and at present I am stuck with Tiscali and the only way I can get 02 is to switch to BT stay with them for their 18 months contract then I would be able to switch to 02. This seems to be a downside to 02 packages. Graham Cheyne

graham cheyne

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