Plusnet Broadband Deals Get Revamp

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Plusnet Broadband Deals Get Revamp

Plusnet ( has announced an exciting revamp of its range of popular broadband packages.
Plusnet Value Broadband, its entry level package with download speeds up to 8Mbps and a 10GB monthly usage allowance, now offers free overnight downloads between midnight and 8am.
Despite the price rising from £5.99 to £6.49 a month, Plusnet Value Broadband remains one of the cheapest stand alone broadband packages in the UK.
This is especially good news for those customers who live within Plusnet’s own broadband LLU network where the £6.49 a month price is fixed for a 12 month period. For those who don’t, the £6.49 price lasts for 3 months, followed by £12.99 per month thereafter.
The revamp also sees Plusnet’s Premium package replaced with Plusnet Extra Broadband, which offers broadband speeds up to 20Mbps with a 60GB download usage allowance.
Priced at £11.49 a month for subscribers residing within Plusnet’s LLU broadband network, the Plusnet Extra package is fifty pence a month cheaper than its predecessor and also includes free overnight downloads from midnight to 8am.

Customers not living within Plusnet’s LLU network will need to pay £11.49 a month for the first 3 months, followed by £17.99 per month after.
A price reduction has also been applied to Plusnet Pro Broadband which offers a prioritised broadband connection for gamers and heavy downloaders.
New Pro customers now need only pay from £16.49 a month, though this does rise to £22.99 a month after 3 months for those users living outside Plusnet’s LLU network.
New customers switching to Plusnet will also now receive a free wireless router and free activation (saving up to £65) when they order online Plusnet Broadband with a Plusnet Home Phone service.
Prices start from £17.74 a month for broadband speeds up to 8Mbps, telephone line rental and evening and weekend phone calls to UK and International landlines.
All Plusnet broadband packages are available on a 12 month contract period, although there is an option to have no contract should a customer pay Plusnet upfront for the supplied router.
A Plusnet wired router currently costs £20, while a Plusnet wireless router will cost £40.
New customers choosing the no contract option can leave Plusnet at anytime by giving just 10 days’ notice. No penalties will apply.
Readers interested in the revamped Plusnet Broadband packages can find out more at the website or our Plusnet Broadband review.

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