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O2 Broadband Launches 3 Months Free Offer

O2 ( has launched a 3 months free broadband offer that’s available across all its home broadband packages.
Generating savings of up to £67.50 for new subscribers, the offer is exclusively available online at the website.

O2 Home Broadband is a multi-award winning broadband service that’s available to over 75% of the UK population.
New customers can choose from three fixed line home broadband packages known as O2 Standard, O2 Premium and O2 Pro.
O2 Standard Broadband with speeds up to 8Mbps and unlimited downloads, is designed for users who want a simple, fast and reliable broadband service that’s value for money at just £7.50 a month. A free O2 wireless box II is included.
O2 Premium Broadband at £10 a month, provides faster download speeds up to 20Mbps coupled with unlimited downloads. It is a good choice for users wanting faster speeds for regular Internet browsing, sharing photos and watching videos & TV online. The O2 wireless box II is included for free.
O2 Pro Broadband, as the name suggest, is O2’s top of the range home broadband package that’s perfect for those people working from home.
With download speeds up to 20Mbps and upload speeds up to 2.5Mbps, sending large files is straight forward. Also included is prioritised customer service with a dedicated O2 telephone number provided, plus O2’s new Wireless Box III.
All O2 home broadband packages include McAfee security software, free UK customer service, free connection and unlimited downloads.
Readers can find out more at the website or our O2 Home Broadband review.

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