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O2 Broadband 2 Months Free Offer Is Extended

O2 ( has confirmed that its 2 months free home broadband offer has been extended until the end of February.
The offer, which provides a saving up to £35, applies to O2’s three home broadband products known as O2 Broadband Standard, O2 Broadband Premium and O2 Broadband Pro.
O2 Broadband Standard is O2’s entry level package offering download speeds up to 8Mbps from £7.50 a month.
It’s mid-range Premium package offers faster speeds up to 20Mbps for £10 a month, while O2 Broadband Pro, at £17.50 a month, has additional extras like priority UK customer support via a dedicated customer service number that is provided.
All O2 broadband packages include unlimited downloads, McAfee security software, free UK customer support, the O2 wireless router, free connection, a 30 day happiness guarantee and free web texts.
Customers switching to O2 Broadband must have a BT phone line and their MAC code from their existing broadband supplier.
In January’s broadband speed test results, O2 Broadband was the UK’s fastest copper wire provider with average download speeds of 5.11Mbps compared to BT’s 2.98Mbps.
Interested readers can order O2’s 2 months free broadband offer online at the website or read our review of O2 Broadband here first.

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