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BT Winter Deals Offer BT Fibre Prices From £27.99 A Month

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BT has launched its 2022 BT Winter Deals, offering new customers choosing BT Fibre at with a saving of up to £72 over the contract period. There’s also a FREE BT Virtual Reward Card (up to the value of £110) to go shopping with, plus FREE activation and FREE P&P on all plans. These offers expire on the 31st of March 2022.

BT Fibre prices now start from just £27.99 a month for BT Fibre Essential, while BT TV packages can be added from £16 a month extra and include Netflix.

BT Winter Deal – BT Fibre Essential

BT’s Fibre Essential Broadband package has average speeds of 36Mbps, together with an unlimited download usage allowance. The £27.99 a month price is one of BT’s lowest ever and generates a saving of £72 over the 24-month contract period.

This winter deal includes 1,000GB’s of online storage with BT Cloud, BT’s Smart Hub wireless router, plus pay as you go phone calls to UK landlines and 0845/0870 numbers.

Online protection with BT Virus Protect and BT Parental Controls is also included, as is unlimited Wi-Fi access at BT’s 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

BT Winter Deal – Fibre 2 Speeds Of 67Mbps For £32.99p/m

The BT Fibre 2 package with fibre-optic download speeds averaging 67Mbps is perfect for streaming and catch-up TV. It is now priced at just £32.99 a month for the duration of the 24 month contract period.

BT’s latest Smart Hub 2 router (the UK’s most powerful Hub) comes as part of the package together with unrivalled security and a personal speed guarantee or up to £100 back.

Add A BT TV Package From £16p/m

BT’s range of flexible TV channel packs are the perfect way to watch those must-see Sky channels (like Sky Atlantic) and can easily be added to any of the BT Winter deals listed above.

The 5 core channel packs are called Entertainment (which now includes Netflix), Big Entertainment, Sport (BT Sport), Big Sport (BT Sport & Sky Sports) and VIP – all of which, though available on 24 month contracts, can be changed each month.

The Sport channel pack is currently £15 a month and includes the BT 4K recordable TV box, all 80 Freeview TV & radio channels, plus all BT Sport channels.

There’s also catch-up TV available using apps like the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 & My5.

Readers can find out further information on the BT Winter Deals 2022 and order online at the website.

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7 thoughts on “BT Winter Deals Offer BT Fibre Prices From £27.99 A Month

Hi, I just wanted to know the name of the song that is featured in the BT Winter Deals at the moment. They use a purple backdrop to it.

If you can help then I’d be grateful!


I want to get get a bt phone line and broadband package but our recent owners of the house have cut our phone line outside and i was just wonfering if we will be charged to fix this?? If you can help i will be very greatfull… thanks.

Hi Euan
Thanks for your message. BT are offering a free connection offer (new phone line installed or re-connected) to customers ordering online a new broadband and phone calls package so chances are you won’t be charged if you qualify for a package like this.
Kind regards

Hi I went know thes dell 16 pound is it after line rant or including line rant, and I wood like too know about howmach I can dowenloud online

Hi Hassan

Thanks for your comments.

In answer to your 2 questions:

1. The BT Winter deal prices/offers exclude BT line rental which costs £14.60 a month or an equivalent of £10 a month when you pay 12 months in one advance card payment of £120 (this is BT’s Line Rental Saver plan).

2. The broadband package in the BT Winter Deal provides a 10GB monthly download usage allowance – which is enough for most people’s requirements unless you’re a heavy downloader where it may be worth upgrading the BT broadband package to 40GB or Unlimited.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards

Can I transfer to the unlimited calls presently on offer? i curently pay £13 per month for broadband but only enjoy unlimited calls after 7pm and weekends. As I am a pensioner and at home most of the day, I am finding the limited calls at present very expensive each month.

I look forward to yur reply and appreciate that i would not be entitled to the offer of 4 months free.

Hi Norma

Many thanks for your question.

I would suggest checking how much of the contract period you have left with BT for your existing broadband and calls. If you’re out of contract, or approaching the end, it’s likely (though I can’t guarantee) that BT may be able to offer you a good deal on switching to the anytime calls package in return for re-contracting with them for another 18 months.

Give BT a call on 0800 022 3263 and see how you get on, they’re pretty good. Let us know.

Many thanks

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