3 Mobile Broadband Reduced To £7.50 A Month

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3 Mobile Broadband Reduced To £7.50 A Month

3 (three.co.uk) has reduced the price of its 1GB mobile broadband tariff to just £7.50 a month.
Previously £10 a month, 3’s mobile broadband tariff offers download speeds up to 3.6Mbps together with a 1GB monthly data allowance and free USB modem stick.
1GB of data per month is typically enough to send 1,000 emails and use the Internet for around 10 hours. There’s also enough allowance to download 5 four minute videos & 32 four minute music tracks.
Users not wanting to be tied into the 18 or 24 month contract that comes with the £7.50 per month tariff can opt for 3’s rolling 1 month mobile broadband contract option.
This offers the same download speeds up to 3.6Mbps and comes with a higher 5GB data allowance for just £15 a month.
A 5GB allowance gives users enough data per month to send 5,000 emails, surf the Internet for 50 hours plus download 25 four minute videos and 160 four minute music tracks.
With Christmas fast approaching, 3 also has a good range of pay as you mobile broadband tariffs and starter kits that come pre-loaded with either 1GB, 3GB or 12GB’s of data.
These don’t require any contract commitment, thus making an excellent Xmas present for a friend or member of the family. Prices start from a one-off £29.99 for 1GB of data and the 3 USB modem stick.
And let’s not forget 3’s mobile broadband Wi-Fi offering, known as Mi-Fi, that is predicted to be one of the top selling gadgets this Christmas.
Mi-Fi includes a wireless router device that enables friends to share a users 3 mobile broadband connection. A pay as you go Mi-Fi package pre-loaded with 3GB’s of data is available for a one-off £69.99.
Readers can find further information on 3’s range of mobile broadband, Mi-Fi and free laptop packages at the three.co.uk website or our 3 Mobile Broadband review.

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