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TalkTalk SIM Flash SALE – HALF PRICE 2GB SIM Plan – £7.75 A Month

TalkTalk SIM Flash Sale

TalkTalk Mobile has launched a limited time HALF PRICE SIM Flash SALE that’s exclusively available to new and existing TalkTalk customers who order at

Generating an annual saving of £93, the TalkTalk SIM Flash SALE applies to the company’s Large 2GB SIM plan which now costs just £7.75 a month for 12 months. TalkTalk still offer Britain’s lowest price SIM at just £3.95 a month.

Take a look below at the range of TalkTalk SIM plans on offer:

Britain’s Lowest Price SIM – £3.95 A Month

Offering 300 anytime call minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of data each month, TalkTalk’s £3.95 SIM Plan is currently Britain’s lowest price SIM.

HALF PRICE 2GB SIM Offer – £7.75 A Month

At just £7.75 a month (previously £15.50p/m) for the duration of the 12 month contract, TalkTalk’s new Large SIM plan packs a punch with 1,000 anytime minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB’s of data each month.

Additional Savings With TalkTalk SIM Only Plans

TalkTalk SIM only plans also provide additional savings with calls made to voicemail, Customer Services and a customer’s TalkTalk landline all included within the monthly anytime call minutes allowance.

Calls made to other TalkTalk SIM’s registered to a customer’s account are also included within the allowance.

TalkTalk SIM Cards

TalkTalk Mobile offer a full range of SIM cards (Standard, Micro and Nano) and their SIM cards will work with pretty much all mobile phones that work in the UK.

Not a TalkTalk customer yet?

Simply switch your broadband and line rental to TalkTalk and start enjoying 100% totally unlimited broadband with phone line rental included, for just £22.95 a month, plus SIM only plans from £3.95 a month. Find out more at the website.

Existing TalkTalk customers can find out further information and order a TalkTalk SIM only plan online at the website. Next day delivery is available for those online orders made by 3pm each day.

See this deal at TalkTalk

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