BT To Extend Wi-Fi Broadband Hotspots To 1 Million

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BT To Extend Wi-Fi Broadband Hotspots To 1 Million

BT ( has announced plans to extend the the number of its UK Wi-Fi broadband hotspots to 1 million over the next six months.
The aggressive plans follow the increasing demand in the UK for faster, more reliable broadband internet access while out and about.

When speaking about the demand for better broadband access on the move, BT Retail’s Director of Wireless Broadband, Dave Hughes, said, “The real revolution is the handheld device. People are perfectly happy to get these devices out of their pockets in the street to update their social networking sites or check their emails, which isn’t the case with laptops”.

Hughes continued, “Pretty soon there will be a Wi-Fi hotspot on every corner in the UK”.

BT currently has just over 500,000 Wi-Fi broadband hotspots in the UK and is doubling its Wi-Fi traffic on its Openzone network every year.
With a recent contract won to supply Wi-Fi broadband services to Starbuck coffee stores across the UK, the company firmly believes there is the potential to grow its Wi-Fi traffic even faster.

BT Total Broadband customers can use BT Wi-Fi hotspots for free by using their Wi-Fi minutes allowance in their BT contract.

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