Super-Fast Broadband To Be In Glasgow By Autumn

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Super-Fast Broadband To Be In Glasgow By Autumn

BT ( has announced that Glasgow is set to be one of the first cities to benefit from its super-fast fibre optic broadband, with roll out brought forward to Autumn this year.

The super-fast broadband roll out will enable around 15,500 Glasgow homes and businesses to access broadband speeds up to 40Mbps with areas like Crookston, Hillington and Cardonald set to benefit first.

In order to make it possible, BT are installing 56 new street cabinets along with 30 miles of fibre optic cable which will connect from the exchanges to the cabinets.
The BT Openreach Director for Scotland, Bob Downes, said, “We couldn’t have made this a reality without the cooperation and commitment from Glasgow City Council who have supported us all along the road and totally grasped the importance and business potential this can deliver for the city”.

The Leader of Glasgow City Council, Steve Purcell, said, “With many businesses reliant on being able to send, receive and manage huge quantities of data and information on a daily basis a robust and modern communications infrastructure is an essential component to the city’s economic success and competitiveness”.

Though Glasgow will be one of the first cities to benefit, BT also has plans to roll out its fibre optic broadband network to Edinburgh, Cardiff and North London by summer 2010.
BT estimates that one million homes in these areas will be able to access higher broadband speeds up to 40Mbps from as early as March next year.

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