BT Expands Wi-Fi Broadband Hotspots Via Quiconnect

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BT Expands Wi-Fi Broadband Hotspots Via Quiconnect

BT ( has expanded the number of its Wi-Fi broadband hotspots via a new agreement with Quiconnect.

The new agreement links BT Openzone’s Wi-Fi broadband network with over 55,000 international Wi-Fi hot spot networks all around the world.

This means BT Broadband customers with laptops will soon be able to benefit from overseas wireless broadband access by using their free Wi-Fi minutes in their contract.
When speaking about the partnership, Marjorie Leonidas, Head of BT’s International Roaming Service said, “Our partnership allows us to provide an even better choice of locations. We look forward to announcing more partner interconnections and hotspots this year”.

The Vice President of Quiconnect, Jeff Mabe, said, “We are delighted to continue our partnership with BT Openzone as a wireless broadband leader and innovator. Quiconnect continues to provide a similar service to over 40 partners worldwide.
Mabe continued, “BT Openzone’s renewed commitment allows Quiconnect the opportunity for continued development and testing of new and exciting tools, technology and processes that demonstrates our credibility in all areas of wireless connectivity”.

Throughout the UK and Ireland alone, users can benefit from BT Wi-Fi broadband access in more than 3,500 hotspots that include the likes of Starbucks, Caffe Nero plus Thistle and Hilton hotels.

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